They are young, they are credible individuals, they are corrupt-free, and they are technocrats who have achieved milestones in their careers and private businesses. And they all have one wish, TO BECOME THE NEXT PRESIDENT OF NIGERIA and bring in a paradigm shift from the norm in order to take this great country to the next level.

The 14 of them, each a high profile individual have openly indicated their desire to become the president of Nigeria come 2019, but having witnessed the shameful drama happening in the political circle among those who call themselves Nigerian leaders, these young persons started having conversations about becoming one joint single force to contend with the social, economic and corruption barriers that may hamper their chances.

And so a series of meetings has been going on, involving the aspirants’ and some activists who desire a change in Nigeria. Having agreed that the best way forward was to form a coalition, they met again in Abuja a few days ago. And have unanimously resolved to work together to salvage Nigeria from its myriad of problems, as a result of the bad leaderships the country has previously had and is still experiencing.

The new generation aspirants who have finally formed a pact ahead of the 2019 elections are– Thomas-Wilson Ikubese, Comrade Eragbe Anslem, Sowore Omoyele, Fela Durotoye, Tope Fasua, Sina Fagbenro-Byron, Jaye Gaskia, Ahmed Buhari, Mathias Tsado, Victor Ani-Laju, Alistair Soyode, Godstime Sidney Iroabuchi, Clement Jimbo, Elishama Ideh.

They released a communique after the meeting as follows.





It is no longer debatable that our country Nigeria has been brought to her knees, and is tottering on the brink of collapse.

In no more than the life of a generation, our nation and people are witnessing the catastrophic failure of governance and the near collapse of virtually all our national institutions; such that we have now become the country with the largest concentration of poor people in the world.

The ties that bind us together are today under such enormous pressures, that we can say without any doubt that never in our history have we been confronted by such a scale and scope of existential crises.

We are very clear in our minds and share the collective conviction, that our present woes, in their history is as a result of collective failure of leadership by those who have been in the leadership of our country for decades, and the establishment that have institutionalised support in their self-interest and visionless leadership.

We share the grievance and anger of our people, as well as their yearnings and aspirations for a new Nigeria different from the one bequeathed on us by our leaders from independence in 1960 till date 31st July, 2018.

We are categorical about those who should accept responsibility for our failures as a nation 1960-2018; and as visionary presidential aspirants coming together under PACT, we are united in our convictions, that our national rebirth can be achieved through collective engagements to install a new political order 2019 by taking up leadership responsibilities in the overall common good.

We are conscious of the fact that, the ploy, by the establishment form new coalitions with the antics of defection from party to party, is a ploy calculated at ensuring that power does not slip out of their hands.

We denounce such coalition and defection forming pranks and antics as calculated attempts to deceive the mass of our people.

We call on the mass of our people, who are victims of their misrule, not to allow them to be deceived again.

This is why those of us who represent a new crop and paradigm shift in leadership, and embodiment of a new vision have agreed to come together and work for the realization a greater Nigeria for the actualization of our full potentials in human and materials resources.

Suffice it to say that, those of us who have indicated interest with our aspirations to lead our country avowed to engage a radical transformational developmental process by way of this resolution reached today Tuesday, 31st of July 2018 as we deliberate on the challenges of our country, with a commitment and resolve to begin the process of taking collective ownership of this renaissance struggle aimed at national rebirth in rebuilding the nation.


In the light of the foregoing and as a response to the collective yearnings and aspirations of our people; we have resolved as follows:

1: Recognizing that at the core of our existential challenges as a people and nation is the failure of leadership;

2: We affirm, that as the new face of visionary leadership for our country, we are collectively stepping into the fray, to fill the leadership vacuum, and offer leadership at this momentous juncture in our history;

3: We affirm that collectively, we are committed to the process of building a United Front to mobilize our people to lead the change we desire during the 2019 general elections;

4: We understand that Unity is a process, and not an event, and as such, we undertake to effect necessary steps towards consolidating on the process of building a united front based on shared vision and ideas;

5: Towards this end, we are in agreement that internal party processes towards producing eventual party candidates and flag bearers should be allowed to reach its logical conclusion;

6: Furthermore, we are committed to step up the process of building a united front once party candidates have emerged; and shall continually hold consultations among ourselves and broker conversations with our parties towards ensuring that we are able to present a United Front towards the 2019 general elections;

7: Finally, we know that the 2019 general elections will be a historically decisive one; we know that the conditions are ripening for an electoral process with outcome that can be revolutionarily transformative.

8: We embrace this process of the 2019 election as a revolution.


Recognizing the crises we face as a people, and understanding that the collective leadership failure of the current ruling establishment is responsible for this failure;

We have stepped forward, to stand in the breach, and provide the new type of visionary leadership for our country;

Such new leadership, so sorely needed is the basic requirement for us to achieve national and human development and realize our full potential as a people and nation.

We affirm, that we are the embodiment of the new Nigeria, and of the process to achieve our national liberation as a country, social emancipation as a people, and societal rebirth and renewal.

We represent the future of our country, a future which begins now; and we know it.

We take collective ownership of that mission.

Our future is determined now!

What do you think of this coalition of young aspirants?

Would you vote for them?


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