The events that led to the sack of the Department of State Service DSS DG Lawal Duara can best be described as the straw that broke the camel’s back. There has been heated conversations on different platforms ever since some masked DSS operatives invaded the NASS office, thus stopping the legislators from carrying out their constitutional plenary session. Some insiders alleged that the invasion was to stop the APC senators from impeaching Bukola Saraki, while others claimed the invasion was to stop the senators from serving an impeachment notice against President Buhari.


However, in a swift reaction to the day’s event, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo yesterday sacked the DSS DG Lawal Duara and he was immediately disarmed and handed over to EFCC and SARS operatives. Duara is currently being grilled for information at the SARS Head Office. The move shocked all, who initially believed that the DSS DG was working for the interest of President Buhari

Sahara Reporters exclusively revealed that the DSS DG was in fact working for Bukola Saraki all the while. The report claimed that the invasion was stage managed to embarrass the Buhari government, and make it look anti-democratic.

According to the report, Saraki’s personal photographer Tope Brown was among the media and TV crew recording the invasion, which means that Tope wouldn’t have been there if he didn’t have pre-information of the planned invasion.

The report also indicated that the sack of Lawal Duara had been months in the making, since the executive started suspecting a connivance between Duara, Saraki and other legislators against the Muhammadu Buhari administration. Top government sources also revealed that President Buhari had made up his mind to fire Duara, few days before he embarked on a 10-day vacation to the UK. So it was easy for Osinbajo to get presidential assent to fire Duara on Tuesday immediately report of the invasion came out.

Osinbajo had directed the termination of the appointment of the DSS boss, whilst inviting Duara to the villa for explanations, and while Duara was inside the villa his termination was announced and he was immediately handed over to EFCC and SARS operatives.

The Presidency in condemning the invasion of the National Assembly Complex described it as an “unlawful, condemnable and completely unacceptable act, which was done without the knowledge of the Presidency is”. The Presidency further stated that the claims by Duara that  he was acting on orders from above were false, as no one had previously had any meeting with Duara, neither did he inform or get consent for the invasion from the President or Acting President.

According to the report, the invasion was carried out by Saraki’s loyalists, PDP members and the hooded DSS operatives. All these was done to whip up sentiments for the Saraki’s presidential ambition.

What do you think of Duara’s sack?

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