Prosperity preaching pastors, using church to manipulate Africans!

The so called “men and women of God” in Nigeria and Africa at large, are using the name of God and Religious sentiments to deceive Africans, keeping them hostages and mentally retarded.

Their hostages have been manipulated not to allow the development of their minds, to think rationally and critically as they should. This is no different from the strategy used by politicians all over the continent.

Designed to deny citizens, the type of education that would enable them and accord them the level of knowledge which is needed to be able to demand for good governance and accountability from the political elites. Today’s dubious pastors so called are applying the same strategies to exploit their followers, (Church members/”Born again christians”).

Africa, a continent that has everything that the western countries of today can only dream of, yet considered one of the least developed continent in the world.

Christianity is my faith and I hold a strong believe to it. Nevertheless, this faith has been hijacked by some men and women whose ultimate goal is to get rich, by taking advantage of the lapses in governance in most African countries to get rich.

They use the bible to manipulate the vulnerabilities of these citizens, because government have failed in their fundamental responsibilities to provide basic amenities and enabling environment for the ordinary citizens. The absence of which, have created a niche which these fake and dubious prosperity businesses ( Churches) are using to exploit people!

This group of men and women of (god) are exploiting people of their money, with the promise of divine financial breakthroughs. ” “give all you have to god so that in return he (god) will multiply the potion of what you have given to him. “Without giving to the said god, you should not expect anything or the said supernatural blessings in return”. The condition to receive from the god they preach, is that you have to first give him (god) before you will receive in return!!

This so called pastors and prophets of (god) have managed to penetrate a whole lot of people, they hold more than half the population of Christians in the continent hostage.

The have led many to believe in supernatural blessings, instead of using the power of their brains.

watch out for part 2 of this series!!!


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