Are the youth ready to take over power in 2019 is no longer a question, this is because more young people are indicating interest and even coming out for key political positions across the country. And with the recent coalition of 14 young presidential aspirants into what is now called ‘The Third Force’, we can see that the 2019 elections is not going to be business as usual. WakeUpAfrica had a chat with 35 year old Adeola Solomon, aka Omoba, who is aspiring for the Kogi State House of Representatives, and he threw more light on his ambition and what difference he believes young people can bring to the table……

What do you do?

I am a business man, an entrepreneur, an event planner and a politician.

Coming here means that you have an interest in what they are doing here, which is celebrating the signing of the #nottooyoungtorun bill. What’s your perspective about this whole celebration?

Let me say that we have been together in this struggle for youth involvement in politics. Though I am not one of the executives, but I have been one of the strong followers on social media right from when Honourable Tony Nwulu started the process from the House of Representatives. We moved from there to the Senate and then the movement went round the whole states in Nigeria, before the popular acceptance of the bill. So I have been at the background, giving a voice to this bill. I so much believe in the youth capacity of this country.

May we know what position you are aspiring for, and if it is in 2019 or beyond that?

By God’s grace I will be contesting for House of Representatives in Kogi State for Yagba East/Yagba West constituency in 2019.

Young people are not disposed to doing politics as usual. What are you bringing to the table considering that the youthful aspirants will not buy votes. Do you think your message will impact in other to get you the number of votes you need?

The truth is no one is saying the journey will be smooth, because there is an idea that people have already when it comes to politics, especially where I am from. They have this idea that once its election time, most of them have a budget of things they should get out of the elections. But what we are trying to do is, we are telling them to see beyond the immediate gain. Like in my village the only road that we have in that village is dilapidated, you can hardly use the road. And most of the people I met back home they can’t even communicate in English, to tell you that there is a lot of things that is wrong with the system. So we are trying to tell them that it’s not about giving you money, giving you bags of rice and whatever. We want to change the future, we want to lay the foundation, that even if we are not able to achieve all in our own time, subsequently, and our children will know that we tried our best to provide a better environment than we met it.

What political party do you belong to?

I am a PDP member.

What do you think are the chances of PDP in your zone?

It’s already a town party, we have candidates already on ground. As you can see I am a young man and there are people that have been there for years. So coming in as a new person in the system, you should know it won’t be easy, but we are not giving up. We will still give it a trial and by God’s grace, we will succeed.

This obviously is a step in the right direction. But what else do you think can be done to further encourage more young people to participate in politics?

I said something on my Facebook page, because people said to me ‘that I have been active about this #nottooyoungtorun bill, but that is it just about signing the bill into law’? They ask ‘what are the benefits, what impacts do we intend to make?’ so I gave them some examples, I said ‘okay let’s look at it from this angle, we may not have all the millions that these established politicians have but there is something that we need to know. This bill has helped to reawaken youth active participation in politics. I can tell you, though not on record because I don’t know the statistics, but I am sure that more youths have registered and now have their PVC’s. Even beyond 2019, we will see more youths actively participating in politics, not just to vote but also to be voted for. So the bill has really done a lot for us.

Do you agree that young people are more involved in politics now?

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