Last Tuesday happened to be the last working day for DSS DG Lawal Duara, as he was unceremoniously sacked after some hooded DSS men invaded the NASS without authorized clearance.

After Duara’s sack, he was immediately whisked away by security operatives where he was drilled, subsequently the former DG of DSS, Ekpenyong was also arrested before they were both released on bail over the weekend.

But that is not the story, the story is that while Lawal was in incarceration, he was alleged to have been working for Senate President Bukola Saraki. It was even claimed that President Buhari was in the know of his sack and had made up his mind to sack Duara, for being more loyal to the Senate President and being used by him to embarrass his government.


Other unconfirmed allegations of bribery and corrupt practices were made against Duara. However, in the midst of all these, Yushua Shuaib, has come out to write his account of his meeting with Lawal Duara, portraying him differently from the man he is known as now. Shuaib while highlighting some landmark achievments that Duara made while in office, also asked some pertinent qiestions begging for answers.. Read his account below.

 *Lawal Daura: An Encounter with Intelligence Chief* By Yushau A. Shuaib

It was 24 hours after the official release of my book, “An Encounter with the Spymaster” in July 2017 that I received an invitation from a top retired Airforce officer for a meeting with the then Director General of Department of State Service (DSS), Lawal Daura.

Before the invitation, a Presidential spokesperson, Mallam Garba Shehu had publicly attacked the book in a press statement which he described as “an attempt to rewrite the history of the War on Terror Campaign.”

Though I was not sceptical or apprehensive about the scheduled meeting that day, I nevertheless told the retired military officer that I wouldn’t be able to attend because I was on a casual dress of Jeans and T-Shirt instead of my usual traditional attire for public outings and visitations.

The Officer countered that my dress did not matter. I, therefore joined the team comprising top retired officers from the Nigerian Airforce, Navy, Army, intelligence Services and a strategic officer. Present at the meeting were top DSS directors with the Director-General himself.

Meanwhile, that visit to the DSS Headquarters afforded me the second opportunity of a face-face encounter with Lawal Daura. I had previously met him at Heathrow Airport, London on the night of May 14, 2017, probably after he might have met President Muhammadu Buhari who was then on Medical Vacation in Britain.

Though one could have misgivings on some of his official roles, Daura naturally wears infectious smiles, decked with disarming contour of glowing white beards. The aura projected him as a harmless and innocent person who cannot hurt a fly. I walked up to him and surprisingly, he responded calmly and briefly to my penetrating questions about his office, especially on his refusal to appoint a spokesperson for his agency and other contentious issues. With reassurance, he gave what he called genuine reasons for the excuses and excesses.

That visit to his office, afforded him the opportunity to inform us about major accomplishments and some misgivings about his office. Ever-smiling, Daura was eloquent, smart and intelligent in response to some of the issues we discussed.

Daura who was sacked a few days after his 65th birthday, was born in Daura, Katsina State and started his career in the State Security Service in 1982 and rose to the rank of Director. He was once a spokesperson of the agency and Deputy Director Presidential Communication, Command and Control Centre at the Abuja. He also served as the State Director of Security Service at various times in Kano, Sokoto, Edo, Lagos, Osun and Imo States.

It’s not unlikely that some of his achievements may have been overshadowed by the many controversies trailing his tenure as the Director General of the agency. He was particularly responsible for the release of many hostages from the Boko Haram gulag. In fact, the release of UNIMAID lecturers, including a group of oil explorers and policewomen that were held captive for more than half a year could be attributed to his efforts. His agency played prominent roles in the alleged exchange of Boko Haram Commanders with many Chibok and Dapchi Girls. The agency was also directly involved in the arrest of major kidnap kingpins and top ritualists and provided intelligence to other services for such arrests nationwide.

He was also responsible for the arrest of a member of the controversial AVM John Ode Presidential Arm Probe Panel for alleged extortion on behalf of other members and for money laundering and illegal possession of firearms. The suspect, retired Air Commodore Mohammed Umar was nevertheless illegally detained for five months by DSS before he was released after a threat by Justice Dimgba.

There was also the glaring inter-agency rivalry among security agencies which triggered the DSS to submit two damning ‘security report’ on EFCC Boss, Ibrahim Magu to the Senate, warning lawmakers not to confirm his colleague’s appointment. Lawal Daura only reported directly to President Muhammadu Buhari and no one else.

It is an undeniable fact that in the three years of Muhammadu Buhari’s administration, the DSS under Lawal Daura has succeeded in some of its statutory mandates but unfortunately, it is notorious in defying the constitution by disobeying court orders and detaining citizens arbitrarily.

While it sounds childish the claim by political elements that the recent siege on NASS was a conspiracy between Lawal Daura and Senate President Bukola Saraki, the question on the lips of many and begging for an answer is: could the Kwara man be more influential and sophisticated than the Number One man from Katsina?

Could the same Senate President influence the flagrant disregard of court orders by DSS in the illegal detentions of former National Security Adviser Sambo Dasuki, and a leader of the Shiite movement, Ibrahim el-Zakzaky since 2015?

Could Saraki have engineered the October 2016 dead-in-the-night invasion of homes of senior judges across the country by the DSS with the arrest of seven judges, including two of the Supreme Court who were later discharged except one that died during the trial?

Who could have also influenced the violation of a court order and forcible ejection of Former DG DSS, Kayode Are from an Ikoyi property in December 2015?

Have we forgotten in a hurry how in November 2017, the EFCC secured an order to arrest Ita Ekpeyong, a former DG DSS and this action was scuttled due to the activities of DSS under Lawal Daura and the roles he played in the saga involving Ayo Oke, the erstwhile DG of NIA?

Could another opposition element to President Buhari also used DSS to clampdown and arrest several lawmakers of Ekiti State House of Assembly in March 2016 and the invasion of the National Assembly and stealing of the Mace of the Senate of the Federal Republic by thugs suspected to have been procured by an APC Senator, Ovie Omo-Agege, from Delta State in April 2018?

On whose directive was the unconstitutional attempt to remove Governor Samuel Ortom in Benue State in July 2018 when DSS and the police provided security for eight lawmakers to take over the House of Assembly of 30 members? What about the incident in 2015 when DSS operatives raided the Government House Uyo, Akwa Ibom State purportedly in search of arms, ammunition and a huge stash of United States dollars, and which till date, no charges have been filed three years after? Whose footprints were those?

Were journalists spared the fangs of the white-bearded man? Was it the opposition that ordered Daura’s DSS to detain Jones Abiri, a journalist from Bayelsa State from July 2016 to July 2018 without being charged to court? Were the ‘wailers’ also responsible for the detention of Tony Ezimakor, a journalist with Daily Independent who was threatened to disclose his sources of information?

By the way, who could have influenced the naked display of nepotism where 51 candidates from Katsina were recruited into DSS as against 44 successful candidates from the entire South-East of five states in 2016?

Could Lawal Daura have attained and achieved some of the feats, the pros and cons without the knowledge of the Commander-in-Chief since he only took orders from one person? Or should we agree with the political permutations that his positive deeds are attributed to President Buhari while his negative actions were influenced by the ‘Sarakis’ of this world and other opposition elements?

Your Guess is as good as mine.

Yushau Shuaib




While you still ponder on Yushau Shuaib’s opinions, this narration of what really led to the sack of Duara from an unconfirmed source also sheds more light and asks the key questions of who really Duara was working for. Read it below



The Fear Of Saraki!

IT WAS BETWEEN THE DEVIL AND THE DEEP BLUE SEA (why Daura became the scape goat. The true story).

If you believe that the President was aware of Daura’s sack, then you are correct. If you believe that he was very comfortable in doing it, then you must still be “Dreaming in Neverland”. Buhari had no other option but to let his cousin go, else he would have gone himself.

This is the real story.

No one can really be sure, and tell us why NASS was invaded by hooded DSS, some said that Saraki invited them to whip up sympathy from Nigerians. Others are saying that they were invited by President Mohammadu Buhari to frustrate PDP lawmakers from gaining access into NASS, so that the few APC lawmakers can gain entrance and impeach Saraki. Mind you, Akpabio has already resigned as minority leader, positioning himself as the next Senate President. That guy messed up though.

The above is just to drop indices, now below is the reason why Daura became the sacrificial lamb. Let’s go, stay with me please.

VP “Osibande”, sorry Osinbajo was never in the know about what was to go down the other day just like always. He is always at the side lines when it comes to issues like this and dramas of this magnitude.

Osinbajo, was irritated after the plan went wrong at NASS, and fumed after the UK got wind of the drama, and was angry that he was never consulted nor partook. He therefore called Daura to Aso Villa, Daura feeling that the President was much in the know, went there with his head high. “nothing dey happen“.

Immediately Daura met the VP, he was hit with so many questions and summarily embarrassed by the VP, asking him why he will do such a thing without his knowledge, and what/who/ gave him the orders and why did he do it. Daura being very powerful and also Buhari’s right hand man, bellowed back at the VP, insulted him and almost walked out on him, telling him that he can go to hell, and can never do anything about it.

Osinbajo was “So Vexed” that he immediately put a call to Buhari, threatening to resign if Daura wasn’t sacked. He gave Buhari 20mins, else, he will watch his resignation live on CNN. Buhari knowing that immediately the VP resigns, Saraki will become the next President, he therefore called him back and told him to sack Daura. Buhari knew that if Saraki becomes the acting President, he will never be allowed back into Nigeria.

Daura was sacked to save Buhari’s head, and the President was so much in the know because he “WAS IN BETWEEN THE DEVIL AND THE DEEP BLUE SEA”. Osinbajo does not have the “agbakara‘ to solely sack the former DSS helmsman. We know what happened that led to what happened.

The cabal has been demystified by the sack of their Drone Agent d’tour Lawal Daura. Daura was not a mole in this government but a hawk and a hatchet man for APC. Oshiomole gave the order but Daura failed to clear with Acting President and that was his undoing.

There’s serious tension in the villa because Daura is the arrow head for 2019 elections plan. The north cannot use this new Acting DSS head optimally. Reinstating Daura at the risk of Tinubu and Osinbajo pulling out of alcohol is the new dilemma. The third in command in DSS is a Delta guy. The fourth in rank is a Yoruba man. So Osinbajo has moved the cheese and put the North in hyperbole and back to the drawing board. Very interesting game of power in Nigeria.

Based on these two summations, who do you think Duara Was really working for?


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