The dilemma of dating a habitual cheat!

All that gliters is not gold! ( caught on the Act!)

The story you are about to read is a true story one that is very common with Nigerian women in London but is more rampant within the a particular ethnic group of the country! It is hard to believe that evil or evil minded people exists, until you or somebody close to you have had a personal experience, then you can understand the trauma and negative impact that these can have on you.

It impacts on your ability to trust in future relationships and it could also make it hard after your experience to truly love again. The reality is, these type of women are every were and are found in every tribe and race. It must be mentioned that this is not to imply that there are no good women out there. That is far removed from the truth, but one encounter with these sort of women as contained in this story might cause you to hate women in general and probably never want to love again which is a very seriouse negative impact on the victim.

Believe it or not, some men are so decent and integrity conscious that they are blind to the reality of this age. Most women of this particular ethnic group from Nigeria in London,married or divorced are so promiscuous engaging in these types of indecent and predatory behaviours on other women husbands beats every bit of imagination.

You see them with their painted faces and their long gele’s, at every party in and around London. If you do not know what’s up or you happens to be as naive as the young man in the story, you better be cautious so that you will not be one of their victims. Why not grab a cup of your best drink switch off your TV, cross your legs and read on!

The story is about a young Nigerian man who unfortunately fell in love with a Yoruba woman. He engaged her, after about 6 months of their relationship with the intention to get married as the two parties had agreed.The woman was always out partying according to the young man, however, he continued to complain about the constant partying but to no avail. His complaint was not listened to neither did the lady relent in her behaviour.

As time progressed in over two years of their relationship the guy discovered that the woman was now talking to another man on phone.

The first day he caught her talking on the phone with the said guy which she denied and claimed that she was only talking to a friend and she denied the existence of any third party in their relationship.

At one Point the event that followed got the guy more suspicious that he planted a recording device, which she discovered and made a force about. This was after the woman had requested for a time out to think and also requested that there should be no visitation during the break period that she has requested.

It is now know that it was because she was now inviting the second man to her house as such she does not want a clash for the old and the new lovers of hers. This woman must be a hot cake to be getting this level of attention after 3 children at the age of 44yrs.

We would like to Identify the cheating girl friend as Ms T and the married man she is cheating with as Mr D.

First evidence that leaked the affair between Mr D and Ms T, as supplied by our source! (Meat delicacy from his wife and a bottle of water to wash it down,what a love bird of a married man he is!)

The young man that is being cheated on visited Ms T, work place one day unannounced after an appointment nearby. After waiting for a while for Ms T to finish work he strolled towards her car only to find the 53 year old, Mr D tying the above pictured gift to Ms T car door handle. The contents were water and a meat delicacy probably prepared by his wife! What a love bird the 53 year old player is!

It was at this point that it came to light that the said woman whom is now known to be divorced Yoruba woman from Ekiti State with 3 children had been having an affair with Mr D a married man and a Nigerian loccum Dr who works in the same hospital clinic as Ms T. She is also believed to have left her previouse marriage for similar situation after the ex husband became aware that she was having an affair with another man while still married to him. She had abandoned their four bedroom house which she shared with her ex husband and their three children and fled to stay with a friend.

While this was going on Ms T, continued to lie and denied the existence of another relationship to the boyfriend, not until the report of her and Mr D, lodging in a hotel in some location in Edgware in north London before she finally admitted the existence of her affair with this married man.

This Same Mr D, was said to have been reported for touching a few colleagues inappropriately at the Same work place and had been cautioned for his behaviour.

The report that came through was that this man with whom Ms T, was cheating on her boyfriend with, also have other women around London that he takes to different hotels in and around London.

The boyfriend was not just concerned about the existence of this relationship, he was more worried that he may have contracted decease from her because he was still having sexual intercourse with her ( Ms T) while she was at the same time sleeping with Mr D, whom is believed to have other women also having affairs with including his own wife.

There have been few occasions Mr D, car were sighted at her address as early as 08:20 am soon after her children have gone to school He drives in to spend the day at her home with her!

This picture of Mr D and Ms T’s car was taken by our reporter and it is believed to be at Ms T, Residence! @08:35GMT.  Four hours before, he was probably in bed with his wife telling her how much he loves her and 3 hours later on another bedroom with another woman doing the same thing!

it is unbelievable that a woman would know that a man is married and living with his wife and children but still get involved with him in a sexual relationship, inviting him to her house for sex due to material things.

This can only be due to lack of self respect, lack of integrity or just in pursuance of material gains using sex as a means, which can only be likened to prostitution. Our sources suggests that the white BMW may have been a gift from the unfaithful husband to Ms T, as she was known to have been driving a Black 2011 X1 up until late December of 2017. Just week after this picture was taken he upgraded her car again to LEXUS 2013 HYBRID ELECTRIC

How heartless can a lady be, Knowing that a man is married and living with his wife and children and still accepts to be lodged in hotel near his home. To allow the man stay close enough to his matrimonial home. So he could pop in and out of her hotel room for sex and still go back home to in his wife at night and back to hers the next morning doing the same and probably living her to another woman kept in a different hotel too,for the same purpose!

This is not to say that the Nigerian man whose now known to be from the northeast part of the country is innocent, there is actually no word, with which his actions can be described,

But a woman with integrity or self worth would not do such. Any decent woman would not do that, knowing that a man is married and living with his wife and children is more than enough reason to show some respect!

All these Ms T, was doing while still engaged to another man. She had absolutely no consideration for the emotional trauma that her actions would cause her boyfriend of two years. What more evil could she have done to this young man than what she had done.

There were also sightings of Ms T and Mr D at different hotel locations around the Edgeware areas of north London,where she is lodged close to the family resident of Mr D so he could easily pop in and out to go back to the wife after mating with her in the hotel.

So Ms T takes her two teenagers to the same hotel, lodge them in a different room whilst lodged in another room for her self, paid for of course by Mr D so they can do their business without the interruption of her two children!

At the time of this article we were yet to receive the photos from the hotels but we hope to update as soon as this photos becomes available!

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