Atiku Shades President Buhari Over 800 Meter Walk

Tuesday August 21, which happened to be the first day of Eid El Kabir, was a big Sallah festival in Nigeria.

The entire nation was shut down for the two day Muslim festival, which was celebrated with slaughtering of rams and cows by many Muslim families. President Buhari, was seen in pictures performing the ram slaughtering rituals in his Duara hometown.



Of course, his media aides ensured that the pictures were circulated in the media, showing the President as a devoted Muslim who values traditions. After performing the ram ritual, and after observing the Eid prayers with other Muslim faithfuls,             President Buhari also walked 800 meters from the prayer ground to his private residence.


Again, his team ensured the picture went viral, interpreting through those pictures and the headlines that President Buhari is fit to rule again. Meaning that his 800 meters walk, is an indication of his physical fitness to run for elections again against the impression that he is already sick and weak, and not fit to run.

PDP presidential aspirant and former Vice President of Nigeria, Abubarkar Atiku, has come out to shade President Buahari. In a picture where Atiku was seen working out in the gym, Atiku wrote

“I regularly jog more than a mile & exercise, but it will be pedestrian of me to ask Nigerians to vote for me because of that. I want my party – the PDP, and Nigerians, to vote for me because I WORK not because I WALK. I will work to create jobs. I won’t walk to create an illusion”


What do you think of this shade from Atiku to Buhari?

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