So we were at the Afrobeat Party 2018, which was held at Afrika Shrine, and there was a lot of artistes who were billed to perform on the second and final day of the event. Quite honestly, most of the male singers were beginning to sound alike, as they either performed Afro Hip Hop or Highlife. And then she was called on stage, her name didn’t ring a bell. She walked ever so quietly to the stage in her jeans and top, and most in the audience didn’t pay much attention to her. Until she sang. Her voice was to say the least, amazing, and the smooth way she captured the attention of all who literally stopped all they were doing to watch the very pretty Opal, with the sonorous voice do her thing on stage. WakeUpAfrica360, had a brief chat with her backstage afterwards…

May we know you?

My full names are Omobotola Karima Taraka, but my stage name is Opal. I sing afro soul highlife. That’s the bit about me, you can always get my songs online they are all available online. The song I just performed is called Irado.

You have an amazing voice, how do you train to keep it?

Firstly, my voice is a talent. I sing easily and after that I go into the studio and do my thing. I play guitar, so I am an all-round musician and not just an ordinary singer. I write my songs, I sing and I train, that is how I get better each day.

Being the only female that performed tonight in the midst of male singers. What do you think is the future of female singers in the industry?                                                                               

I think we are getting there gradually, it has just been tough so far. Trust me getting on a stage like this is not easy because you have so much guys. The industry is a boy’s-guys thing and every guy has his own guy that wants to support him. But girls don’t really support their own girls, I think with time we will get there. It’s a gradual process, I see a bright future for us, trust me with God by my side, I will break the boundary.

Who are those you look up to in the industry music wise?

On the foreign scene, I look up to Beyoncé, Enya, I love their music. And in the Nigerian scene, I am proud of what the likes of Aramide and Waje, I love their energy. I am also very proud of Asa.

How long have you been singing?

I have been doing this for a while, for about six years now, I was a lot younger when I started. And we have been growing. So I am looking forward to rounding up school, graduating, and entering the music industry full time.

What major challenges have you had in your pursuit of music?

Getting a platform, getting a sound, getting people to want my sound. You saw the stage right now, my music is unique and not your everyday club dance, it’s more like an interactive session with my fans, so getting my fan base has been a challenge. So far, it’s getting better, Nigerians are now loving cool music. However, I see a bright future.

Do you think the Nigerian Music Industry favours male artistes more?

Photo Credit WakeUpAfrica360


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