Nigeria police on IPOB again!

The law enforcement agencies and the Nigeria military have once again on August 17th, 2018 descended on people protesting in demand for the release of the defunct IPOB leader. He is believed to have been missing since the September of 2017 invasion of his father’s compound by the Nigeria military.

The question that is left unanswered remains, why are the law enforcement agencies and the military allowing the Fulani herdsmen to continue with their killings, considering that there is no obvious proactive action on record, about their action to stop the fulani herdsmen. But in this video one can see their show of strenght on innocent citizens even using life bullets on women?

Video credit: family writer press

This is Amidst the continued killings by Fulani herdsmen up and down the country. It appears that the police and the army are powerless when actual killers are killing Nigerians, which is supposed to be their primary duty, but no, they will turn a blind eye to it and pretend. But they are quick to come out in their numbers when innocent civilians in the southeast are exercising the fundamental human rights!

Video crdit: channels TV

Why are these forces not acting to save the life of Nigerians from the barbaric killings being pepetuated by the Fulani herdsmen. Also, why are they using life bullets for women protestesters? shouldn’t the army and police tred carefully to aviod being seen as biased or colluding with bandits as alleged, but desending on the innocent  and harmless protesters!

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