It appears that it is not only the All Progressive Party (APC) that is losing prominent members to other parties, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has suffered same fate too, with key members either leaving the party for APC or other parties. Just last week, the PDP chairman of Lagos State Moshood Salvador decamped to APC. While PDP was making frantic efforts to thwart any move by Salvador to lobby other party faithful’s to APC, former Governor of Delta State and a strong PDP stalwart Emmanuel Uduaghan decamped from PDP to APC today.

In his statement where he stated reasons, for leaving, Emmanuel Uduaghan insisted that his sacrifice was for Niger Delta….read the statement below.

For the record….

“…Politics is about interests. The Niger Delta is a major area of interest for me, because I staked my life going into the creeks severally without security and sometimes coming back at night negotiating peace. I will, therefore, give the strongest support to any President that shows commitment in the affairs of the Niger Delta. I call on, and enjoin, other well-meaning leaders in the region, who have very useful contributions to make, to come on board and join hands in helping this Federal Government to pursue a robust development agenda that would uplift our people. Whatever milestone that appears not to have been achieved yet is not for lack of efforts. Joining hands with and supporting the process will lead to a faster delivery on expectations.

It is in the pursuit of this noble objective, that I’m offering myself to help drive a process that would give the lives of our people in the Niger Delta more meaning. President Muhammadu Buhari needs people who will join hands with him to uplift our people. From my political experience, you have to be well represented and actively so at the “board room” when decisions are being taken. Delta State must be well represented. Niger Delta must be well represented.

It is noteworthy to state that some organisations have been deeply involved in efforts to develop the Niger Delta, and can always be relied on to collaborate with our President. It is also noteworthy to add that some previous administrations made significant efforts to develop the region. The current administration made such a significant impact in spite of the fact that apart from Edo State, President Buhari did not score the required 25% in the entire Niger Delta in the election that brought him into government in 2015. This speak volumes of his genuineness to uplift the Niger Delta. Such an administration should be encouraged by the people of the Niger Delta. We can never be sure of the genuineness of another person who becomes the President.

I have, therefore, after series of consultations and prayers, taken the decision to leave the PDP and join the APC. In doing this, I want to thank the numerous leaders, supporters and interest groups that have been urging me to remain in PDP. I am happy that after explaining some of the deeper issues to you, some of you that are politicians have agreed to join the APC in the near future. So I am going into APC as “John the Baptist” to the numerous Deltans that are coming in, soon – very soon.

God bless you all.”

-Dr. Emmanuel Ewetan Uduaghan, former Delta State Governor

28 August, 2018


Hon Moshood Salvador

Meanwhile, the PDP in Lagos, which issued out a Whatsapp statement immediately Salvador decamped which read “CALL IT BETRAYAL, SABOTAGE OR WHATEVER, FOR  THE LOYAL AND FAITHFUL IN PDP IT IS ALUTA CONTINUA, NO RETREAT NO SURRENDER. APC MUST GO”. Also issued another notice on all its platforms alerting its members not to attend any meeting scheduled by Salvador, as he is forcing members to decamp to APC. Read the message below.


This is to bring to the notice of all our teaming loyalists that Salvador is calling meeting to lobby our members to decamp with him, since he has promised them of bringing more than 500 PDP members to decamp with him using his former position as State Chairman to negotiate in APC.  This move is becoming an embarrassment to him for failure to deliver as promised. Salvador PAs Hon Olumide and Mr Segun, refused to follow him as well except few leadership in Ikeja.  Please be informed that picture and videos of members are taken to make claim with APC, therefore ensure you have details of any meeting you are called to attend, as decamping hijack is on the prowl in Lagos PDP for unsuspecting members. Inform all our LGA and Ward leadership to be wary of such antics from Salvador and his agents.  Lists of all their members proposing to do public declarations on Thursday will be forwarded to all loops. Thank you

PDP Power To The People

Moshood Salvador claimed he decamped because his efforts in the party were being undermined by the Deputy National Chairman of the PDP Chief Bode George, who he says is on a mission to destabilize the PDP in Lagos State.

What do you think about Uduaghan’s defection?

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