The Week of BAILS

After massive public outcry on social media under the #FreeBobiWine and #FreeArua33 tags, both locally and internationally, government through the court system granted bail to renowned ghetto president and Kyadondo East Member of Parliament, Hon Robert Sentamu Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine and 32 others.

Two of the 33 people collapsed during the court session at Gulu Magistrate Court on Monday, as a result of the torture they endured during their prison time in Gulu National Prison. One identified as Shaban Atiku, currently in a sole state could not go on with the proceedings which was retracted and doctors, including Dr Kizza Besigye attended to him.

Coincidentally, the bail comes on a day Bobi Wine and his Wife, Barbra Kyagulanyi exchanged marital vows 8 years ago. When contacted, a jolly Barbra Kyagulanyi failed to express her joy at the news, but admitted that Bobi Wine’s health is priority at the moment.


Barbra Kyagulanyi chatting with lawyers during court recess

A new opposition peer group

Under the same guise, big wigs in the Democratic Party under its National Executive Committee, came up with a new coalition, Red Ribbon!


DP President & Red Ribbon lead: Norbert Mao

“The Red Ribbon Movement will soon launch nation wide campaigns, and meet up with all Ugandans that want to see positive change” – DP President Norbert Mao.

This is not the first time such peer groups come up in an attempt to unite position houses under one roof, but a determined Mao said they came up with an antidote for all previous mishaps under the Red Ribbon, which will bear a red fist as its emblem. The same emblem that has made rounds as Bobi Wine’s sign for the “People Power, Our Power” crusade!

The 2nd Bail:

Some 340KMs away, Former Inspector General of Police, Gen. Kale Kayihura was also granted bail on Tuesday at the Makindye based Army General Court Martial, after being detained for over 70 days without trial. The courtroom Chairman, Lt. Gen. Andrew Gutti, granted Kayihura bail on grounds that it’s his constitutional right, he is of advanced age, has no previous criminal record, requires specialized medical attention abroad, has substantial sureties who will ensure his return to court for trial and that the prosecution did not indicate any likelihood for Gen. Kayihura to interfere with investigations. The 62 year old former police boss, is set to travel to Nairobi –Kenya for specialized medical treatment.


Former Police Boss: Gen Kale Kayihura

Outside the courtroom, a pool of Kayihura royalists showed up and were excited about the news. One of the locals went on and demanded former Kale Kayihura allies, like Kitaata be granted the same truce.


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