Controversy Trails Dr Saraki’s Presidential Declaration

Since Thursday August 30th when Dr Bukola Saraki declared his intention to run for the president of Nigeria, there has been several reactions on SM by his adversaries and supporters alike.

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Bukola Saraki claimed he was under pressure from the Nigerian youth to contest for president of Nigeria, however, the pioneer youth movement #NotTooYoungToRun Movemnet has condemned and distanced itself from Dr Saraki’s claims. They published a written statement to that effect same day, where they expressed their disappointment that Saraki took advantage of the town hall meeting to declare his presidential ambition.


In the same manner, a young Nigerian wrote to Dr Bukola Saraki via his Facebook page, baring his mind on what he thinks of Dr Saraki’s ambition.

“I’m so happy you are running for presidency. Pls help us develop Nigeria just as you developed Kwara State._

I know Kwara is an example of what Nigeria is supposed to be. Also, help us grow Nigeria economy just as you did to Societe Generale Bank. Those you changed their life can’t and won’t forget your effort in their life forever.

Can’t wait to use my PVC”

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