Bola Tinubu Praises Governor Ambode’s Achievements

Contrary to the various speculations being brandied about that the Tinubu led APC has mapped out the best way to unseat the current governor of Lagos State Akinwunmi Ambode, and replace him with another candidate in 2019. Indeed several names have been linked as expected replacements for Ambode, WakeUpAfrica360 can tell you authoritatively that all those stories are mere fabrications.


If anything, Bola Tinubu is so proud of Gov Ambode’s achievements that he openly praised him at a public gathering over the weekend.

“I was worried hell when you (Ambode) took over, not about your credibility, character or capacity, but because however wise or smart a man is, if there is no resources to back the ideas, production would be zero, progress would be zero. When you (Ambode) took over, I know you inherited a burden of debt. The debt profile of Lagos was high, I was wondering how you will re-engineer and face the challenges to make progress. Today, I can see your report card, you have scored well, and you have shown prudence especially in the judicious use of resources of the State. You didn’t disappoint us. Ambode is silently achieving, meticulously planning, religiously executing and brilliantly giving results for Lagos State”
-Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu

These open appraisal of Ambode will definitely put an end to the succession rumors..

Do you think Gov Ambode should be replaced?

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