Ojukwu’s Children Kick Against Bianca’s Senatorial Ambition

Ambassador Bianca Ojukwu, wife of the late Biafra warlord, Dim Chukwuemeka Odimegwu Ojukwu, declared her intention to run for Anambra South Senatorial District two days ago, and this has sparked controversy in the Ojukwu and Onoh families. The ex-beauty queen, who is also a trained lawyer, made her declaration under the All Progressive Grand Alliance APGA, a party which was founded by the late Ojukwu, and she may emerge as the party’s’ flag bearer from the look of things.

But that was before the trio of Dr Ike Ojukwu, Emeka Ojukwu jnr and Chief Debe Odimewgu Ojukwu, all late Ojukwu’s children joined forces to fight her ambition. The Ojukwu clan argued that Bianca was from Ngwo in Enugu State and was only from Nnewi by marriage, and that it was not enough grounds for her to become a Senator in Anambra State.


They also claimed that she can easily remarry again and thus forfeit the Ojukwu name. While Chief Dede, argued that Bianca was not legally married to their late father, the others also claimed that Bianca has been estranged from the family for so many years. Ojukwu’s children claimed that Bianca does not have access to their properties or their country home, and wondered why she would use the Ojukwu name to pursue her senatorial ambition. They vowed not to support her if she should emerge as the APGA candidate.

As expected the Onoh family rose to defend their sister, Dr Josef Umunnakwe Onoh, who spoke on behalf of the Onoh family, expressed his belief that Ojukwu’s children were ignorant of the Nigerian laws.

Onoh also dismissed the claims by Ojukwu children’s that the marriage between their father and Bianca was not contracted in the proper procedure. Bianca’s brother insisted that the opposition from Ojukwu’s children would not stop Bianca from winning the election.

One would have expected the Ohaneze Ndi Igbo and other prominent Igbo platforms to wade in on the matter, but all of them have kept quiet over this issue. However an aggrieved Nigerian named Kay Lord, took to social media to speak against this perceived marginalization and victimization of Bianca Onoh and her political ambition on the grounds of an unfounded culture

“Okay,  I will not keep quiet over this…

Bianca Onoh Ojukwu, the widow of the late Ikemba Odimegwu Ojukwu wants to contest for a Senatorial seat in Anambra State, where she’s resident and married but some low life Anambra people says she cannot. They said she’s from Enugu, therefore she should go back to her home state to contest. It is indeed sad that it is one of Ojukwu’s sons that’s leading this protest against Bianca. Telling her she can’t come from Enugu to represent Anambra State at the Senate.

For over 48 hours now after this news broke, I have been expecting that Dr. John Nwodo, the President-General of the Igbo social cultural group, the Ohanaeze Ndigbo would have issued a statement condemning such ridiculous attack on Bianca Onoh. Unfortunately, mum has been the word from Ohanaeze Ndigbo group. Yet, these are the folks running around the country preaching about restructuring.

How can an Igbo woman be asked not to contest in a state her husband is from, and where she’s living just because she’s from a neighbouring Igbo state? Yet, Igbos are Commissioners, members of State and National Assemblies in other states outside Igbo land.

I am yet to hear IPOB issue a press release like they use to do on every issue condemning this aching drift and sad development. It’s the same way one Igbo state will sack civil servants because they are from another Igbo state. A lot of these people are bloody hypocrites. All they do is play politics with everything.

Sometimes, when I see some of these ethnic and regional lords pontificate and grandstand about how they are for the interest of their region, I laugh. These folks are a bunch of jesters. I expect that there would have been an uproar from prominent Igbo leaders condemning this attack on Bianca. Unfortunately, nothing.

What a shame!”

-Kay Lord

May Nigeria Succeed…

Would we interpret Ohanaeze Ndi Igbo’s silence over this matter to mean they are in agreement with the argument of Ojukwu’s sons???

What do you think should be done in this case?



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