“Africa Fashion Week Organizers Should Manage It Better” Nancy Seino Cameroonian Designer

Africa Fashion Week Nigeria has come and gone, but like all things beautiful, there must be a down side to it. The exhibition room for the AFWN was in another building, away from the runway venue. Frankly speaking it was hidden and not visible at all. At a time, the organizers of AFWN had to physically direct the thronging fashion week audience to visit the exhibition stands in order to at least purchase items from the exhibitors, who had paid huge amounts to exhibit their wares at the fashion week. WakeUpAfrica360, paid a visit to the exhibition room and after sighting some very nice pieces, noticed that most of the exhibitors were non-Nigerians and they didn’t look too happy either. We had a chat with a few of them, first in line is this young and beautiful designer Nancy Seino, who wasted no time in voicing her displeasure at the poor management of the exhibition by the organizers, as well as poor buying habits of Nigerians….also attached to this interview are images of other exhibitors as well


Where are you from?

I am Nancy Seino from Cameroon and my brand name is Aju B.

Why did you go into fashion design and for how long have you been a professional designer?

I have always loved fashion from my university days, and I find myself always sketching designs for my friends and as I graduated from the university, I decided to turn it into a business. I actually started professionally in 2012, and then I went back to school. And I started fully last year 2017, when I finished school. so I have really been into design seriously for about a year now.


What’s your niche in the fashion industry?

I would say jewelries, jewelries is it for me. It is something that comes naturally to me, it is seamless for me.

What’s the fashion market like in Cameroon?

Well its better than in Nigeria. So far compared to Nigeria, its better

Why would you say that?

Because if it was in Cameroon, by now all my fashion pieces would be finished. That has not been the case here, it is really hard here in Nigeria.


Is this your first exhibition in Nigeria and what is your experience?

Yes this is my first trip to Nigeria and so far I don’t think I have had a very good experience.

Wow didn’t you make sales the previous day?

Not really, I am not happy with the way the organizers arranged the whole exhibition thing. As you can see, the exhibition room is hidden and would be difficult for people to locate us. In Cameroon, when we are doing exhibition its outdoors, so people see goods and buy. This arrangement is not really encouraging.

How affordable are your pieces in Nigerian denomination? Do you think they are affordable?

Well, its moderate because its the same prices I sell them in Cameroon and people buy them, because that’s like the normal price. I don’t know how you guys do it here.

What comes to your mind when you design your jewelries? How do you want the woman wearing your pieces to feel?

Elegant, stylish, I want the woman wearing Aju B, to stand out. When I am designing, I am thinking of the women that love to stand out.


What do you think of Nigeria, the environment the people, the culture?

Well, I love the food

Which is your favourite food that you have eaten here?

I ate Nigerian bitter leaf soup and pounded yam. I really loved it, after eating it, I wanted to go back for a second plate. Also Nigeria is more developed than my country, and more organized as well.

What do you think the organizers of AFWN can do to make the Fashion Week better especially for exhibitors?

They should manage it better, because there is a lot of complain about poor management. And then they should make exhibitors more visible next year. Like I heard that exhibitors last year were at the corridor leading to the fashion show, but this year it is hidden.


Photo Credit WakeUpAfrica360

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