All Is Set For Osun State Governorship Elections

For a visitor coming to Osun State for the first time, Osogbo town is a welcome sight to behold. The capital city of the state, is serene, peaceful with nice landscapes and greenish surroundings. It has a certain look and feel which is absent in major metropolitan cities.

However, Osun and indeed Osogbo looked different this weekend, as it had some measure of traffic due to the influx of people into the state for the Saturday gubernatorial elections.

INEC office located at Abere was thick with activities, from election observers who were doing their accreditation, to heavily armed military men who paraded around the environment as if the state was about to go to war. The different strata of military and paramilitary, all waited for final briefings from INEC. They even had police dogs in tow, and one begins to wonder what all these are for.

However, you won’t blame them, this is because though Osun State is relatively a peaceful state, and not prone to drama or violence, one cannot vouch how peaceful this election would be. Especially with the banning of use of phones in polling units, the police interest in the PDP candidate’s exam malpractice case.

However major point of concern is that the Labour party, AD, and 9 other political parties in Osun State have joined the PDP to battle APC in Saturdays governorship elections.

We await to see what happens tomorrow, WakeUpAfrica360 is live in Osun State and will give you updates as it happens. May the best man win.


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