#OSUNDECIDES, Blow By Blow Account Of The Elections

One visible thing about the Osun elections is that Osun State citizens are very angry, and fed up with the present APC government. And this could be seen by the way they thronged out in their numbers to cast their votes. For an election that was slated to start by 8am, voters were already at the polling units by 7am to take numbers and form queues.  And as soon as the INEC officers arrived and set up, voting commenced immediately.

ede 2

Ede Polling Unit

ede 1


Fortunately, INEC adopted quicker method of accrediting and voting immediately, which was faster. A list of accredited voters was pasted on walls on each polling unit across the state, and once a voter identifies his name as accredited he is free to vote once it’s his turn.

7up 1

7Up Polling Unit


7Up Polling Unit

asobiaro 1

Asobiaro Polling Unit

One would have thought that after voting, the voters would go home, but that was not the case. Each voter quickly found a very conformable spot to sit and wait for the vote counting, at least to know the winners in their units.




Ataoja Polling Unit

Various voting units visited by WakeUpAfrica360 across Osogbo town such as Ogoluwa, 7up, Maxin, Fagbewasa, Jaleyemi, Asobiaro, Isale Oja, Isale Osun, Obate Area, Okebaale, Govt House Service Area. However, one vivid thing was the presence of security personnel in all the polling units. Though some units had more security than the others, especially in places inside Osogbo town such as Isale Oja, Ojaoba, Okebaale, which is known as the main Osogbo. There were few security personnel, and the ones who were present paid little or not attention to the voting process.

ede 3




This allowed many party agents particularly the APC and PDP, to give out money and promises of money to voters in order to influence their votes.

WakeUpAfrica360 also visited neighboring towns such as Ilobu and Ede, where the same accreditation and voting standard was also adopted. The voters all expressed their satisfaction as to the peaceful elections so far and good conduct of both the electoral officers and voters. However, they also sat tight to ensure their votes are counted in their units and to defend their votes if need be. Security personnel were also heavy in Ede town, which is home to PDP candidate senator Ademola Adeleke, however it didn’t in anyway disrupt activities at the polling units.

fagbe 1


fagbe 2


fagbewesa unit

Fagbewesa Polling Unit

WakeUpAfrica360 tried to find out reasons why Osun citizens prefer any other party candidate rather than the current ruling APC party, and we found out the following reasons.

isale oja

Isale Oja Polling Unit 

ilobu polling unit

  1. Civil servants have been paid half salaries since 2016 till date.
  2. The Osun government only resumed paying them full salaries from July 2018, while the outstanding salaries of 2016 till date is still being owed.
  3. The government has made Osun State poor, and its citizens poorer than it met them.
  4. Tinubu insulted Osun citizens when he came to campaign for his candidate Gboyega Oyetola at the palace of the Ataoja, Oba of Osogbo. Tinunbu said “how much do you people in Osun State have? I am richer than the entire Osun State, even Oyetola is richer than the entire Osun State. I am just trying to help you people”.
  5. Tinubu’s company Inifiniti collects tax from Osun State, and so the state is poor.
  6. ilobu 1
  7. Ilobu
  8. ilobu 2
  9. Ilobu Polling Unit
  10. WakeUpAfrica Staff With Kene Emmagbodkie, Producer of Programmes NTA Abuja
  11. WakeUpAfrica360 Staff With Kene Emmagbodike NTA Abuja Producer of Programmes

Based on all these, Osun State indigenes unanimously rejected APC and its candidate, preferring to either vote for Iyiola Omisore, or any other candidate. But then, we are yet to hear the official results from INEC

Photo Credit WakeUpAfrica360

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