Monthly Archives: September 2018

Chinese & Indian Firms Dumping Counterfeit Anti-Malarials In West Africa Causing Over 100,000 Deaths A Year

WakeUpAfrica360 assessment of the 2017 Enact Continental Report has revealed that Chinese and Indian firms are the largest producers of counterfeit pharmaceuticals, with their exports targeting African countries and killing over 100,000 people every year. The report also revealed that the market for trafficked counterfeit anti-malarials’ in West Africa alone is worth more than US$400 Million. Over one million people

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Fashion, Awards Giving And More Fashion On Africa Fashion Week Nigeria Day 2

Day 2 of Africa Fashion Week Nigeria, which happened on Sunday September 16th, was a befitting grand finale to one of the most prestigious award platforms that celebrates African fashion. See also Africa Fashion Week Day 1, The Glitz, The Glam & The Runway  The fashion show, which signaled the end of the Africa fashion week shows both in Nigeria and

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APC & PDP Thugs Clash In Osogbo, Fired Gunshots At Each Other

Thursday’s rerun elections in Osun State may turn out to be violent, going by what happened in Osogbo today. Eye witness account available to WakeUpAfrica, states that there was mayhem in the capital city of Osogbo on Monday, between APC and PDP thugs. No one knew exactly what caused the fracas between both party thugs, however the incident which happened

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