APC & PDP Thugs Clash In Osogbo, Fired Gunshots At Each Other

Thursday’s rerun elections in Osun State may turn out to be violent, going by what happened in Osogbo today. Eye witness account available to WakeUpAfrica, states that there was mayhem in the capital city of Osogbo on Monday, between APC and PDP thugs.

No one knew exactly what caused the fracas between both party thugs, however the incident which happened on Monday 24th September around New Garage Osogbo (a highly populated area), led to confusion as people ran for safety, while the thugs of both parties fired gunshots at themselves, which failed to penetrate their bodies.

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Though both parties fired several bullet shots at each other, at the end there was no casualties, rending fact to use of fetish means for protection by both party thugs.

Our source said that APC members were inspecting the new venue for Thursday’s rerun elections, when PDP thugs who had heard that their opposing parties thugs were there, stormed the place and a shoot out happened between both parties.

Osun Elections To Be Rerun On Thursday

As we write this now, journalists, election observers and many other visitors to Osogbo who stayed back for the rerun are already making plans to leave on Tuesday as safety is of utmost importance.

Wakeupafrica360 source also disclosed that the APC, who are very desperate to retain power at all cost have resorted to seek help from the powers that be at Abuja, and information has it that it is INEC officers flown in from Abuja that would now conduct the rerun elections.

This however, may turn out to be bloody because this is an avenue for the APC to rig the elections, while the PDP who have already had a small taste of victory would not accept anything less than a win at Thursday’s election, failure to do so would end up being bloody.

Photo Credit WakeUpAfrica360