Surprise Surprise! Iyiola Omisore Chooses APC Over PDP #Osundecides

The Osun elections which has been set for a rerun today, Thursday September 27th, has been fraught with so much frenzy. Prior to the rerun elections, both opposing parties PDP and APC has taken their campaigns to doorsteps of Osun citizens, especially in the areas where the reruns would happen. They have wooed influential people in Osun State, they have fought and shot at themselves, all because of the power tussles.

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Iyiola Omisore and APC Delegation

But most especially, both parties have been paying political homage to Senator Iyiola Omisore, the SDP candidate who came third in Saturdays election. Omisiore who was formerly in APC, but later decamped to PDP with the Adeleke’s and was finally betrayed by the PDP before he berthed in SDP, suddenly became the messiah that both parties needed in order to woo his supporters to their side, and secure their votes.

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With both parties sending high powered delegations to woo Omisore in the last few days, he had been under severs pressure like a beautiful bride surrounded by wealthy suitors. The entire state literally waited for the party Omisore would eventually throw his weight behind, and encourage his loyalists to vote for. Both parties also tried to use propaganda to force Omisore into deciding in their favour.

Not until yesterday, Wednesday did Iyiola Omisore finally make his decision and decided to throw his weight being APC to the dismay of PDP. According to Omisiore “the characters in the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) are serial liars, and not men of honour and integrity, having reneged in all previous agreements”.

The PDP are literally still in shock in Osun State, but then lets see what happens at the polling units today as #OsunDecides


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