Reasons Why Pastor Anita Oyakhilome Was Absent At Her Daughter’s Wedding


The wedding of pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s daughter Carissa to her Ghanaian beau Phillip Frimpong happened over the weekend, and her mother Pastor Anita Oyakhilome was conspicuously absent at the wedding. The wedding, which as a glamourous affair, and which held at the Christ Embassy Headquarters in Ikeja was officiated by Pastor Benny Hinn. While many were happy for the new couple as well as the father of the bride, they couldn’t fail but notice that the mother of the bride was nowhere to be found.

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Digging deep insiders have revealed that Pastor Anita may have felt left out in the entire wedding plans, since her daughter Carissa lived with her father since their divorce. Also being that the wedding was more like a Christ Embassy affair, Pastor Anita may have felt uncomfortable to come and face the crowd including the pastors, who were privy to the whole messy details of her marriage to Pastor Chris, and the divorce after.

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Asking if they were indications Pastor Chris may have barred Pastor Anita from the wedding, the source said “never”, that the man of God would never do that. And that had that been the case, Pastor Anita who often reveals any incidences with Pastor Chris on social media would definitely have set the social media on fire with news of how she was barred from her daughter’s wedding.


“Not showing up for Carissa’s wedding was definitely Pastor Anita’s decision and that is why she has not said anything about it on social media”.


The divorce between Pastor Chris and Anita Oyakhilome happened in 2014,  on grounds of ‘unreasonable behaviour, adultery etc’. After which the couple shared their kids, Carissa chose to live with her dad, while Charlene stayed with her mum.

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