The Nigerian Pastors And Their Nigerian god!

One life for the money and the other……. ( shine your eyes, Africans)

Christianity, that is supposed to be the role model setter for others to follow, has been hijacked by dubious entities in Africa, especially Nigeria.

The picture you are seeing is supposed to be an example of a Christian way of life and that of a none “born again” life style.

Here is the wedding dress of the daughter of a “pastor” whom apparently, teaches his millions of church members especially young ladies about God, Godliness and morality

The picture below is to show you whom among the two, possesses good morals that is worthy of God and Godliness. The none ‘born again’, as they are commonly described, the ones that has no time to give their money to the pastors ( The Nigerian god tax collectors).

Or the pastor’s daughter with whom so much of a Godly example is expected, the judgement is yours!!


(The Nigerian god, is my take on the god they preach)

But in the picture above, I wonder which in your view depicts God and Godliness? The none “born again”, that does not sleep in church, or the daughter of a pastor? Those that claim to know God. Judge by your selves.

Every where you go in a country like Nigeria, you see people that have been brainwashed, by all these unscrupulous self acclaimed men and women of the Nigerian god.

These young people have lost their sense of reasonings and directions in life, to these manipulative “pastors “.

They waste their entire youthful life going on about church ⛪ and pastors. Just because the government has failed in their sole responsibilities. These so called pastors, are taking advantage of the loopholes to exploit the vulnarable and naive citizens. promising them super natural blessings and breakthrough.

While the pastors and their families are busy enjoying the luxuries of life. These ones are busy praying for God’s intervention and super natural blessings and breakthrough.

In view of the situation in Nigeria, where these so called pastors (business Men) are flying jets and their members are lanquishing in abject poverty. It would be reasonable to suggest that they are all banned from using jets and luxurious cars. Furthermore, their schools should be affordable for all their members that wishes that their children attend.

Its sickening to condone these manipulators, and the acts they perpetuate in the name of God.

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