Former Minister of Finance Nenadi Usman’s Daughter Shot Dead In Abuja

Anita Akapson, daughter of Former Minister of Finance Nenadi Usman is dead. She was killed by Policemen in Katampe extension in Abuja. According to TheLagosTImes who broke the news, a police report states that the late 31 year old Anita, had an encounter with the policemen on Saturday 13th October 2018 night, which led to her being shot dead.


She was a staff of the National Emergency Management Authority NEMA, and had just returned from the UK to settle in Nigeria. The Police Public Relations Officer, Jimoh Moshood confirmed the incident, and said that the IG of Police, Ibrahim Idris has ordered that the police officers involved to be investigated and detained.

The IGP deeply commiserates with the family of the Usman’s, assuring them that the perpetrators will be brought to justice.

However, counsel to Nenadi Usman, Dr Kayode Ajulo, has written to the IG, calling for a thorough investigation and demanded that the murder be investigated and that legal action should will be taken if the police authority refuse to act swiftly.

The letter states “several eye witnesses (names withheld) detailed to our clients how the deceased was trailed, targeted, intercepted, her vehicle brushed, blocked and shot at close range by a police officer, while she was sitting in her vehicle (a Honda Accord Salon at Katampe District, Abuja”.

The legal team expressed the hope that the police will not sweep the matter underground in an attempt to protect the perpetrators, their sponsors and intent as they have experienced in the past inglorious days of the country.

President Buhari, the National Security Adviser and the Chairman, Police Service Commission were all copied in the letter.  

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