UBS Rogue Trader Adoboli Heartbroken After Losing Deportation Review

UBS rogue trader Kweku Adoboli, says he is heartbroken after a United Kingdom court upheld a decision to deport him to his country of birth in Ghana.

A tearful Mr Adoboli left Ghana when he turned four, and has lived in the UK since he was 12 and told Sky News that he doesn’t feel good about the ruling, because he feels British.

“I am heartbroken, really heartbroken”, Mr Adoboli said as he fought back tears.

The former trader at the Swiss Bank UBS, was sentenced to seven years in prison in fraud charges.

His unauthorised trading cost the bank £1.3Bn, with an even greater hit to its share values, but he insists he never personally benefited financially from his crime.

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Mr Adoboli was released in 2014, after serving half his sentence and has been fighting deportation ever since.

He was born in Ghana, but left the country at the age of four and has no family or friends in Ghana.

He insists that he wants to stay in the UK, and help others learn from his experiences.

The Home Office however disagrees.

Now the Upper Tribunal of the Immigration and Asylum Chamber, has dismissed his request for a judicial review against his deportation, with Judge Mark Ockelton saying Mr Adoboli’s honesty was “seriously in question” and that he had never “admitted his wrongdoing”.

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Outside the court, an emotional Mr Adoboli said the hearing “had felt like a second trial”.

“I have worked really hard for the past seven years – first to right the wrongs, then to help people learn how and why these problems happen.

“None of my work has been done to deny or absolve myself of my responsibility. Today’s judgement has been very difficult. It casts aspersions about my character. To be told that the work I do is not in the public interest is very distressing.”

Report by Gideon Sarpong | WakeUPAfrica360

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