Again President Buhari Fails To Submit His Credentials To INEC

It happened in 2015, and it is about to happen again, as the President of Nigeria and APC consensus presidential candidate Muhammadu Buhari, has again failed to submit his credentials to INEC, claiming that the credentials are with the Nigerian military.

This was same scenario in 2015, when Buhari presented a sworn affidavit to INEC, which the electoral body overlooked and accepted. However, in recent times, with the public outcry against the Buhari administration, Nigerians are not buying the same claim again.

Other presidential candidates’ have submitted their credentials to INEC, and when Buhari again submitted a sworn affidavit in place of his credentials yesterday, Nigerians reacted, insisting that this time Buhari must present his certificate. Social Media was awash with opinions of Nigerians, insisting that enough was enough. And most of them couldn’t fathom why as Head of State, Buhari refuses to exercise his authority by ordering the Military to present his credentials to INEC.

The PDP has reacted in a press statement through its National Publicity Secretary, Kola Ologbondiyan, saying that Buhari is seeking ways to ‘short circuit the system’ instead of complying with set rules. It says that President Buhari constantly dodging the issue of certificate raises a huge question mark on his claims of integrity. Insisting that President Buhari should tender his certificate, or apologise to Nigerians if he has none, so that the nation can move forward.

“The PDP urges President Buhari to do the needful, so as not to cause any frictions that would put INEC under undue pressure ahead of the 2019 general elections” the party said.

It would be recalled that when in 2015, an activist group took President Buhari to court insisting he produced his certificate or be removed as president, Buhari hired 66 SANs to defend his case.

What do you think of President Buhari’s inability to produce his certificate?