Certificate Controversy; Cambridge University Throws More Light On President Buhari’s Results

President Muhammadu Buhari, in a sworn affidavit which he presented to INEC, claimed he had credits in English Language, Geography, Health Science, Hausa Language, but failed Mathematics and Woodwork, and had a pass in Literature in English. While the controversy has continued to rage with Nigerians demanding for the original certificate to justify those claims instead of an affidavit, the Cambridge University has come out to speak on Buhari’s certificate saga.

The University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate, UCLES, now Cambridge Assessment, has provided further details on the West African School Certificate, WASC, results presented by Muhammadu Buhari. In a new post on its website, the university confirmed result grades for the examination in 1961 were issued in numbers, not letters, as suggested by critics of Mr. Buhari who have dismissed the results he presented as fabricated.

According to Cambridge, “Examination results were classed in grades from 1 to 9”.

“1, 2,3,4,5 & 6 indicate a Pass with Credit; 7 & 8 indicate a Pass; 9 indicate a Failure,” the school said.

In its post, Cambridge said for candidates to qualify for its certificate in 1961, they needed to pass English, and not necessarily Mathematics.

“To pass the School Certificate, candidates had to pass examinations in a variety of groups. It was compulsory to pass English Language, but not Maths, in order to gain the Certificate,” the university said.

While there is no doubt as to whether President Buhari attended secondary school, the controversy has been that he joined the Nigerian Military while still in Standard Six with a letter of recommendation by the then principal of his school Provincial Secondary School Katsina (now Government College Katsina), in 1961 (though the letter was signed with no name). There are doubts as to whether he eventually completed his secondary education, hence his inability to provide the certificate.

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Mr. Buhari, who ran for president in 2003, 2007 and 2011, has continued to insist that copies of his academic records were with the military. And that the original copies of his credentials were lost when his house was raided, while he was in detention during the administration of Ibrahim Babangida who toppled his regime

The Army at first said in an interview that it had copies of Mr. Buhari’s results, but backtracked later through a press conference in Abuja in 2015, saying it had only a letter of recommendation from his principal at Katsina Provincial College, result grades without either the statement or certificate.

Responding, Mr. Buhari expressed surprise that the military could claim not to have his results, and insisted that he indeed completed high school and passed at Division Two level.


Also an email sent to Kerr Carol of USARMY AWC, by one Sunday Iwalaye on January 8th 2015, and which Carol responded was obtained by WakeUpAfrica360. In the email Carol responded that Buhari is a graduate of the US Army War College class of 1980 and obtained a diploma.

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