Canadian Governor Opens Joint Biobank With Lagos State

Lagos State continues to attract foreign investments with the visit of the Governor General of Canada, Juliet Payette, who arrived Lagos on Tuesday October 30th. Payette inaugurated a $4.5M Biobank at the Mainland Hospital in Yaba, Lagos. The Biobank is meant to effectively manage the outbreak of diseases, research and development of vaccines.

Payette stated that the West African Ebola outbreak brought out the need for countries to intensify cooperation, and coordination to prevent the spread of diseases and counter epidemics.

“In this context, the governors of Lagos State and Canada, joined together to design and build a new biological containment laboratory and secure storage facility” Payette said.

While commending the Lagos State government for containing the 2014 Ebola outbreak, she said the facility would assist to strengthen capacity to prevent, detect and respond to all manner of future disease threats, either naturally occurring or deliberately caused.

“Canada is very glad to have filled this gap with you, with this laboratory, and we will continue to collaborate with you in this important effort” Payette said

Governor Akinwunmi Ambode, had earlier stated that Lagos State was proud to be part of the Biobank project. He also said the facility would help public health practitioners not only to detect, but boost clinical management of such outbreak with the state bearing the costs of training and maintenance management.

Photo Credit Vanguardng

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