Crisis Looms As NLC Threatens To Go On Another Strike Action

The entire nation may be shut down from November 6th if the Nigerian government and the Organized Labour do not come to an agreement before the proposed day. Almost all state Labour Unions, have identified with the struggles of the national body and have declared their readiness to join in the strike action, if negotiations fail between Labour and government.

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It would be recalled that the NLC went on a strike few weeks ago, when their negotiations through the Tripartite Committee, which included the representatives of governors, NECA, and NACCIMA, with the Federal Government arrived at an impasse.  However, talks have been ongoing, and the Organised Labour and the private sector, proposed a N30,000 minimum wage threshold, while the Federal Government and State Governments are proposing a N22,500 minimum wage. They used the claims that some states are not even able to afford the previous N18,000 minimum wage, and so insisting on a N30,000 wage may be too burdensome for some states.

So if all negotiations fail, the NLC and TUC will align  together for the nationwide strike on November 6.

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