Elvina Ibru & Leke Akinrowo Debut With ‘Caged In The Creeks’ Action Movie

Producers of the Nollywood action movie project ‘Caged In The Creeks’, Leke Akinrowo and Elvina Ibru, have promised to revolutionalize the movie industry and take Nollywood to another level with their new movie. The movie which is said to be Nigeria’s first action flick, will be directed by Terry McMahon, multiple award-winning Irish director of ‘Patrick’s Day’ and ‘Charlie Casanova’.

Speaking during a media briefing in Lagos, McMahon said ‘Caged in the Creeks’ is the beginning of something profound that will set the Nigerian film industry on new heights, and also informed the media that work has already begun on its pre-production.

The writer and producer, Akinrowo, said the movie captures his experiences in the Niger Delta, after he was transferred in 2009 to Port Harcourt. “There is a lot of misconception about the creeks. The image portrayed is like someone going into the lion’s den but in spite of the horror stories, there are good things happening in the creeks.”

For co-producer, Elvina Ibru, Nigeria has been shown to the world always in the negative light.

“We did this to ourselves and we want to undo it with this movie. We are going to portray ourselves as true heroes and that is what is different about this movie. Several characters will confront their worst fears and right the wrongs of their actions. Their dilemma will serve as a lesson on how as a country we can break away from the errors of the past,” she said.

‘Caged In The Creeks’, is a moving story about international terrorists and local militants coming together to threaten the wellbeing and fate of the country. And how the main character, who happens to be a former United States marine, forms an alliance with a former Nigerian Army captain and ECOMOG veteran, to save their loved ones entangled in the web of intrigues, and save the country from a catastrophic plot being hatched by the international hoodlums. It’s a movie that cross international boundaries and local ties.

Photo Credit Dailynigerian.com

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