Monthly Archives: November 2018

Offa Robbery, Saraki Insists There Is More To The Death Of Prime Suspect In Police Custody

The prime suspect in the April 15th Offa robbery Michael Adikwu is dead. This is according to the information passed by the Force Headquarters to the office of the Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice in Kwara State. Commissioner for Justice in Kwara State Kamaldeen Ajibade disclosed the information in court on Wednesday, when five suspects were arraigned before an

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Choosing a presidential candidate, for the up coming 2019 presidential elections!

Nigeria’s democracy may be in trouble after all The voting population appear confused and clueless of what they need to do or how they should vote, in other to change the status quo. The public opinion has been that of “our votes don’t count anyway, implying that the politicians manufacture election results” An average Nigerian have little or no understanding

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