Choosing a presidential candidate, for the up coming 2019 presidential elections!

Nigeria’s democracy may be in trouble after all

The voting population appear confused and clueless of what they need to do or how they should vote, in other to change the status quo. The public opinion has been that of “our votes don’t count anyway, implying that the politicians manufacture election results” An average Nigerian have little or no understanding of how to use their vote to change their predicament. In the other hand, there is also the case of people voting for ethnic interest, meaning that they know that a candidiate is not qualified but because the political leaders of that ethnicity, have personal interests at stake, as such they encourage their people to vote in a certain direction!!

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The politicians are taking advantage of the high level of illiteracy in the country to manipulate the citizens. They are mostly poor, un-educated, uninformed and clueless of how politics works.

They are unaware of the responsibilities of their leaders and to hold them accountable. The politicians pay them as little as one thousand Naira ( N1000:00) equivalent of $3 to buy their votes and that is how bad and clueless many of the population have been and continued to be!

Understanding the reasons you must vote and choosing whom to vote for, is one big issue for most Nigerians. And to move Nigeria from one point to another, Nigerians must vote for the man who is better qualified for the job. A man or woman with the right skill set to lead Nigeria. A man or woman with the right educational background,know how and a world view. One that has a global picture and plan to move Nigeria as a country out of its current predicament into a prosperous future.

In contrast to what the said situation is in Nigeria, In Europ, if you ask any Swedish of their political opinion and why they vote, they will give you a sound reason for their choice and why he/she does not support the cross-border immigration policy and will vote out the government of the day for that reason.

Ask a British person the same question, and they are more likely to say they voted for conservative because they want Britain out of the EU project.

Ask the same question to an average American on the streets and their response would likely be that they were fed up of the political correctness and wanted to vote someone with a different perspective to the status quo, to make America great again and stop the open Mexican border, same-sex Marriage, or that they voted democrats to maintain social security and Public health insurance programs.

But try asking a Nigerian the same question and you will be amazed at the responses you will get.

An average Nigerians will not talk about the real issues on ground in the country neither would they have a tangible arguments to support their chosen candidate because they are completely ignorant and have no understanding of policy or how governance works. Also, it may interest you to know that over 50% percent of the population have no clue of the policies and strategies of those politicians they are going to vote for!!

To be continued on………

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