PDP Panics As Rivers State Governor Nyesom Wike Resigns From PDP

Governor Nyesom Wike, Rivers State Governor and the South-South Coordinator for the presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), resigned his position on Saturday, in an unexpected move which may have thrown the PDP political machinery off balance.

Wike who is regarded as a key personality to PDP’s success in the South-South, decided to resign due to a number of factors.

  1. Wike feels he has been isolated in the scheme of things, unlike before when he used to call the shots in PDP nationwide.
  2. Even his boy, Uche Secondus and the National Working Committee, no longer consults him, but instead they consult Atiku on all things PDP.
  3. The failure of Wike’s candidate, Aminu Tambuwal to emerge as the PDP presidential flag bearer is a grudge Wike still finds hard to shelve.
  4. Members of the PDP no longer comes begging Wike for funds, which used to make him feel important, rather, they now source funds from external forces, such as Bukola Saraki, Henry Seriake Dickson etc, thus relegating Wike to the background.

A top source said: “We were all shocked to read of his plans to quit as the South-South coordinator of PDP campaign for Atiku. All our leaders have been in panic since the news broke out. This development will be a setback if not quickly reversed.

As I talk to you, most PDP governors, leaders, ex-ministers, ex-governors and leaders have been begging Wike to rescind his decision. This is what we have been doing today (Saturday).

The source said PDP leaders also felt embarrassed because Wike has not raised any objection.

The source defended what he described as a “painstaking” composition of the Presidential Campaign Council (PCC).

The source added: “Wike never complained about any issue; he has not expressed reservations on the composition of the Presidential Campaign Council (PCC) and he just came out with a bang.

The PCC was representational of all the tendencies in the party. It took us much time to release the final list because of consultations. Atiku, who was in the custody of the list, was always tinkering with it after due consultations with the party hierarchy and leaders.

Contrary to Wike’s claim, no director was brought from outside. All the directors were appointed from the National Working Committee.

“Let me give some examples. The Contact and Mobilisation Directorate is headed by the National Organising Secretary, Col. Austin Akobundu; Kola Ologbondiyan is in charge of the directorate of Media and Publicity; and Finance is being managed by Abdullahi Maibasira, just to mention a few.

Wike himself put the NWC in place with his boy, Uche Secondus as the national chairman. To avoid this type of rancour, the party restricted the choice of directors to NWC members. There is no basis for Wike’s complaint because he owns the present NWC of PDP.”


Also, the Rivers State governor may be aggrieved because he seems to have lost his control of the PDP machinery.

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A reliable source said: “Wike’s anger has to do with perceived gang up against him in the party to clip his wings. He only hid under alleged lack of consultations with him in constituting the PCC. He is just waking up to the reality that he has lost the grip of the party.

According to a member of the Presidential Campaign Counsel “The challenge at hand is that Wike has not fully accepted the choice of Atiku. But he should know that God gives power and he also takes power from leaders.

“For instance, our evaluation so far revealed that it is only in Rivers State that government functionaries and party leaders do not work for Atiku because they are reading the body language of Wike. We are relying on a few friends and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) to mobilize support. His threat to quit is just the icing on the cake.”

Atiku just returned to Abuja from the United Kingdom to “take charge of the situation ahead of the beginning of his campaign on Monday in Sokoto.”

“Our candidate is just back from London to take charge of the situation, including Wike’s palaver,” a reliable source said.

It was not certain yesterday whether Wike has accepted the pleas of the PDP bigwigs to rescind his resignation.


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