Court To Hear FG’s $69M Crude Oil Shipment Suit Against Chevron, Total In Feb

Before now the Federal Government of Nigeria filed a law suit against Chevron Nigeria Ltd, and Chevron Petroleum Nigeria Ltd, as first and second defendants. The &69M crude oil shipment case was adjourned previously at the Court of Appeal to Tuesday December 4, had been moved to Feb 13, as the court did not sit.because the judge, Justice Mojisola Olatoregun was said to be attending a seminar .

The case, is one among many other law suits instigated by the FG through its Counsel, Prof Fabian Ajogwu, (SAN) in 2016, against some International Oil Companies (IOCs), twhich it intends to use o recover lost revenues arising from undeclared and under-declared crude oil shipments from Nigeria to other parts of the world. The Federal Government also sued Total E&P Nig Plc, alleging that Total E&P Nig Plc under-declared the volume of crude oil it shipped out of the country in January 2011 and December 2014. The case against Total was also adjourned to Feb.13.


Justice Olatoregun had in March 1, previously dismissed a preliminary objection by the second defendant (Chevron Petroleum Nigeria Ltd), which challenged the jurisdiction of the Appellate court, on grounds of service of court processes. The court awarded a cost of N100,000 against the second defendant, because the defendant had urged the court to set aside an amended writ of summons and statement of claim on the second defendant, which was served for being incompetent. 

The court in its ruling dismissed the objection, insisting that the process of serving originating processes was fundamental to the jurisdiction of the court. The defendant was thus dissatisfied with the ruling of the court and appealed to the Appellate Court, challenging the court’s ruling. This informed the defendant processing a motion for stay of proceedings in the suit, pending the appeal. The court subsequently adjourned the case for a report of proceedings at the court of appeal.


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