Aisha Buhari drops a bombshell.

Who are the two men holding Nigeria / the government of PMB hostage?

Aisha Buhari, the wife of the current president of Nigeria ( Muhammadu Buhari) has been quoted as saying that her husbands government has been hijacked by two entities. In her remarks she stated that the rest of the Nigerian men ( politicians) have been bowing down to and leaking their shoes.

She further called on Nigerians and more specifically the Nigerian men to rise to the occasion and liberate Nigeria and her husbands government from the hold of these two powerful men

The question that one may ask is, who are these two powerful Nigerians that dictates what happens in the government of PMB and Nigeria as a whole?. These two powerful men are highly likely not Igbo’s or Yorubas.

So who are these two powerful men ??

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