Finally Atiku & Oby Ezekwesili Sign Peace Accord

The much touted Peace Pact, which is expected to be endorsed by all Presidential candidates of all parties ahead of the 2019 elections, was yesterday signed by the duo of PDP presidential candidate Atiku Abubarkar, and ACPN presidential candidate Dr Oby Ezekwesili.

The Peace Pact will be the basis for the 2019 elections, as other presidential candidates including President Buhari had signed their own copies weeks, back.  However, it is not yet uhuru for the presidential candidates as both Ezekwesili and Atiku affirmed that President Muhammadu Buhari’s assent of the accord must be followed up with his assent to the Electoral Bill.

In signing the peace accord to uphold decency and focus ahead of and during the election, Atiku said Buhari’s failure to sign the 2018 Electoral Act (Amendment) Bill, cast doubts on his sincerity towards free and credible elections. Ezekwesili on her part also accused the President of taking contradictory positions on credible elections, and may have intentions of practicing political corruption by using his office as president to thwart the elections.

Meanwhile allies of the PDP and the APC have been exchanging accusations on the attitudes of both Buhari and Atiku to the peace pact. While the PDP accuse President Buhari of being hesitant to a free and credible elections due to his refusal sign the amended Electoral Bill into law for the 4th time. The APC on its own part accused Atiku of only assenting to sign the Peace Pact as an afterthought and because he was pressured by international bodies to do so against his will.

What do you think of the Peace Pact and amended Electoral Bill?       

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