Meet Ibadan Billionaire, Kola Karim Who Supports Atiku’s Campaign With $30Million

The news of the huge financial support pledged to be given to support the Atiku presidential campaign first broke on Thursday by They claimed that international businessman Kola Karim, is eager to donate billions of Naira to Alhaji Atiku Presidential Campaign, and that he has already given a whopping $30.5 Million to boost the Atiku presidential campaign.

Kola Karim

WakeUpAfrica360 dug further, to discover who Kola Karim really is and what his relationship with Atiku Abubarkar is, to warrant such enormous financial support.

Kola Karim, is a stylish international businessman, and the CEO of Shoreline Energy and is from Oyo State. His specialty is starting companies and nurturing them to success, KK who is fiercely loyal to his friends is also always there to lend a hand. In fact, he never supports in half measures; he goes the whole hog.

Kola Karim has promised a support of $ 30.5 Million to Atiku’s presidential campaign and another ₦9 Billion before the end of January. And that is because according to those in the know, the relationship between Atiku and Karim did not just start today, it goes way back. Atiku has always believed in Kola, as one of Nigeria’s most successful entrepreneurs, and had seen greatness in him even as a young entrepreneur. Karim, on the other hand, believes in the Atiku project, especially for the good of Nigeria and Nigerians.

Apart from Shoreline where he is the CEO, Karim controls a number of other companies including Costain West Africa, where he is Chairman of the Board. 49-year-old Kola Karim has also been a Director of Nigerian Ropes Plc, since March 2008. His company recently acquired 51% stake in Entrepose, a leading provider of construction and mechanical services to international oil companies.

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