What is spiritual pin?

This is one of those things that is difficult to prove as there are no scientific evidence/explanation of it, neither are there any medical remedies. However, it is widely believed that when you are a victim, you should not seek medical help as that would make the situation worse!

WakeUpAfrica360 spoke to Chisom onyebor from Awka in Anambra state in the eastern part of Nigeria, about her personal experience with spiritual Pin.

She was once a victim and she shared her true life story with us. came across this story, which is actually a true life story. We decided to share her story with our readers to raise awareness and at same time to get feedback from those that have had similar experiences and those that do not believe that such exists.

we decided to throw it out here because there may be other people that may have experienced spiritual pin without knowing

Sit back and enjoy Chisom’s story……

“People have Varying beliefs about spiritual pins. People say what works for/against you, is what you believe in. For me, I believe spiritual pin is real. I have seen it.Witnessed it’s powers. And sadly but unfortunately, I was a victim and a survivor.

As a teenager, through to my adulthood, I had always preferred staying with my grandmother than with my parents. Granny sells local herbs and roots mixed with dry Gin and Kola nuts.  Her customers are majorly traditionalists and native doctors and old men and women who believe in the potency of herbal medicine.

After my graduation from school and subsequent successful stay in camp for my three weeks orientation course, I stayed with Grandma. Few days after, I started having headache. It was mild at first, yet it was mild but consistent. I would take Boska (pain relief tablet), I would feel alright for a short while but then, it comes again.

The headache became worse. It was accompanied by fever, loss of appetite and cold. My head would ache all day, all night. I would finish a pack of Boska in a day, and really felt like death had indeed made up its mind to come for me. Everybody knew my predicament had gone beyond mere headache, but the money to run tests wasn’t available and so we resorted to over-the-counter medication.

I took drugs for malaria, typhoid, and infection but none worked. The headache and fever remained. I lost weight, and I remember praying for a place in heaven and asking God not to let me die unfulfilled (lol). My uncle came and asked my Granny not to let me die. He gave me some money and asked me to run pregnancy and infection tests, and also take injections since drugs were no longer working.

Before then,Granny had been telling me to go check for the pins, but I couldn’t go because I barely took my bath, because of cold and couldn’t stand and keep my head straight because my head was so heavy, and aching. That day, she said I should check for pins before running the tests and taking injections. I managed that morning, supporting my head with my hands and went to the place people check for pins.

I got there, I was asked to lay on a stretcher by the man, I did. He brought his Olive oil, rubbed on my forehead, neck and the back of my head. When he rubs, he kinda twist my skin a bit and the next thing was a clatter of pins on the stainless plate.

At the end, twenty-two pins came out of my head.

I wouldn’t have believed, if I did not experience an instant relief. The headache, fever and every other symptom, disappeared immediately. I paid for his services and ate a wholesome meal with the money meant for laboratory tests.

I still believe it’s one of the men my granny bragged to about my success, that wanted to terminate me. (Take my life)

“Your chi is alive. Some of the pins are already rusty” were the words of the man that removed the pins.

What do you think of this story? Do you agree that spiritual pins are real? Share your story if you have experienced such spiritual attacks before?

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