Our new YouTube channel ( AFRICA360 TV) is on!

AFRICA360 TV YouTube channel was conceptualised in line with the wakeupafrica360.com idea of bringing Africa to you, and all things that effects the continent red, hot and undiluted to you

It is our objective to entertain you and your families while keeping you informed at the same time.

Our contents will continue to change from time time and we will continue to follow trends arising from different African countries.

If you have any story leads that you would like us to bring to the public domain no matter how controversial it may appear just get in touch with us.

You can equally drop a message in our contact us section, in the drop down menu above.

( AFRICA360 TV) is an extension of http://www.wakeupafrica360.com

If you need us to investigate any issues, cover events, interview personalities, celebrities, politicians etc, just get in touch with us and we will take it on.

You can also give us news and information if we publish anything from your directive you get paid for your lead.

Below are some of our works so far, as we continue to improve for you to be informed

interview with a presidential aspirant in Nigeria

interview with an aspiring gubernatorial candidate in Nigeria



Our exclusives, blind entertainers (UMUOBIEZE )



Events coverage

And off course STREET GIST

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