The men that run the affairs of Nigeria from the comfort of their bed rooms!!

The wife of the current president of Nigeria have in various occasions, lamented of his husbands government been hijacked by a group of cabals.

Wakeupafrica360 have no verifiable information about the individuals the presidents wife made references to.

But some names have recently surfaced on many social media platforms, pointing fingers at some known individuals as those responsible for the hijack of President Buhari’s APC lead government.

Samaila Isa Funtua,Isa is from Katsina, where the cabal members come from and fingers have been pointing at him too. The picture above appears to show the current governor of central bank, bowing his head in respect, as he gets instructions from Mr Funtua.

Watch the video, some Nigerians are considering re-electing as their president

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