“Tinubu Call Your Men To Order Or It Consumes Lagos” Ambode Dares APC Leader

The threat bymajority of the lawmakers to impeach Governor of Lagos State, Akinwunmi Ambode,over allegations of gross misconduct in the appropriation of Lagos State law,has met stiff opposition. For the first time, Governor Ambode has openly daredhis estranged godfather.

Reacting to the sack threat and summons by the House of Assembly members, Ambode said, “Halt your evil move or else it will consume Lagos. Tinubu call your men to order”. Ambode’s response has indeed proved that all is not well between him and Tinubu, and that their assumed APC alliance is only cosmetic. While the current saga between the Executive and Legislature of Lagos State has continued to generate debates, with the opposition PDP latching onto it, to prove that Lagos State is indeed in bondage and needs to be freed from the shackles of godfatherism, some others have taken to Facebook to voice their opinion.

One suchopinion copied from the Facebook page of Richard Akinnola 11 says….


“How I wish lwould have an opportunity to meet with Governor Ambode. What l would tell himis do what Queen Esther did in the Bible – “if l perish, l perish.”

You have beendenied a second term ticket and you took it with all equanimity. This timearound, if they are determined to impeach you, there is nothing you can doabout it but fight to the last with your head high. You won’t be the firstgovernor to be impeached. But you would go on record as the first governor ofLagos State to be impeached.  Take timeto prepare your robust defence. Name names, all those who have been collectingmoney on regular basis and the amount each person has been collecting, make itpublic. Let the world know what has happened in three and a half years. At theend of the exercise, though you might have been impeached, some people wouldhave equally been impeached in the court of public opinion.

That was whatJustice Akinola Aguda used to tell me, after he retired from the Bench and wasinto legal consultancy. He told me that as a matter of principle, he neveraccepted Libel and divorce briefs. He said he usually advised those who camefor these types of briefs to go settle or approach another person. And hisreason was this.

Dr Aguda saidthat in divorce and defamation trials, you may eventually win but the damageyou would suffer in terms of public opprobrium, would be greater that thevictory you secured in court.

During libelmatters, what you did several years ago that you had forgotten, may beexcavated when your character and reputation are in contention. During divorcetrial, sordid revelations that would hunt your children and grandchildren wouldcome out.

That is thestage in the Lagos State crisis. As the Yoruba saying is, let the world knowwhat we were cooking that got the house burnt. So, Ambode should be a man.Spill the beans. Don’t go down alone without fighting. You can’t be impeachedtwice. A man dies but once”.

What do youthink about Ambode’s impeachment saga? What do you think are the chances of APCin Lagos State following these controversies?

Nigerians on the street react

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