Dr Oby Ezekwesili Gets Tearful At World Press Conference

The World Press Conference, which was put together by the team of former presidential aspirant of ACPN Dr Oby Ezekwesili, held yesterday in Abuja. It was a huge turnout of both local and international media, who basically came to satisfy their curiosity as to why Oby, who was one of the strongest presidential aspirants quit the political scene, few days to the presidential elections.

However, all that was laid to rest as Oby laid all the facts bare and reiterated that she would rather step down from the political race and maintain her values than to compromise on them.

Regarding the allegations of fraud levelled against Oby by the ACPN party, Iyinoluwa, her chief campaign strategist and a key member of Oby’s campaign team, made a presentation where he stated that the campaign raised a total of N48.9 Million, out of which Oby’s family alone raised N27 Million of the funds. So it was laughable to accuse Oby of siphoning campaign funds.

Oby who spoke with the hashjtag #fixpolitics became tearful as she acknowledged the sacrifices of her team, the sacrifices of Nigerians, some who gave as little as N500 to her campaign and her resolve to continue to do everything and lend her efforts to finally fix politics in Nigeria.

She ended the conference by thanking members of her team, and embracing them all, as they stated their resolve to continue the fight through a coalition that would be announced in the next few days.

You can watch the entire conference through these links

What do you think of Oby’s explanations?

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