These 5 Defining Ideas Would Transform Your Business Journey

Money is not the Problem
Your disposition about becoming a successful entrepreneur should never be informed by your possessions (material). Building a successful business is neither the reserve of the poor, nor the rich in society. Your outlook about becoming a successful entrepreneur must always correspond with the potency of your idea. All successful entrepreneurs recognize that the first ingredient needed for a successful business is not money, but an idea and a plan. Do you have a viable business idea? You need a plan!!

Be Prepared to Partner
Many small scale enterprises on the continent struggle mainly because of their small size, yet they find it difficult to let go of the “It is MY business mentality.” Partnerships for many small business owners in Africa are simply out of the question. To them, it is their business and their business alone. Every major successful entrepreneur on this continent would have to partner with other organizations one way or the other. Partners come in to compliment your efforts and expand the business. Do you have a feasible idea? Do you have a plan? Have you decided to partner with others to make this idea a reality?

Your Business Ideas are not meant for You.
You are not a successful entrepreneur simply because you came up with a fantastic idea. The success of your business idea must be reflected in the lives of the people. The late Steve Jobs was not a successful entrepreneur simply because he came up with a great idea; he is considered successful because he provided us with a solution to a problem in life. Many entrepreneurs are often misguided as to the real essence of their ideas. Great ideas are only great to the extent that it makes life easier for people.

Your Business is as Strong as your Integrity
What is condemned in public should never be celebrated in private. Integrity may not be a priority for the crooked yet successful entrepreneur, but if you truly want your business ideas to stand the test of scrutiny, it must be built on a solid foundation of Truth and Integrity. Integrity here means that you are not one thing in public and another in private. You should be the same person in the dark as you are in the light. In building a successful business, one must be wary of short cuts and questionable means of making it to the top. It may come back to haunt you!!!

Do not be Overwhelmed by Initial Challenges
The challenges you confront in the early stages of building a business must not come to you as a surprise. These challenges must be approached as stepping stones to greater accomplishments. In fact, in the scientific community, challenges are essential for research, progress and breakthroughs. Approach business challenges as opportunities for progress and all of a sudden, you will find another reason to try again, to attempt again and to keep that hope alive. Build that business you were meant to build and never give up on that great idea.

By Gideon Sarpong | WakeUPAfrica360

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