Soldiers In Kaduna Try To Stop Voters From Accessing Their Polling Units

There is palpable tension in Kaduna, particularly at Stadium Roundabout, on Saturday morning as some soldiers tried to prevent some voters from accessing their polling units.

According to Akinwunmi Ibrahim, who reported the story, the soldiers had stopped residents of the southern part of the Kaduna metropolis, whose polling units are located in the various places at the city centre, from driving to the city center, saying they had orders from above not to allow movement.

The people tried to be reasonable by displaying their PVCs, when that didn’t solve the problem, the voters started chanting “Buhari must go”, while also insisting that nobody would stop them from accessing their polling units.

The soldiers also tried to impound the mobile phones from journalists, who were taking pictures of the incident, but they stood their ground, insisting that they were performing their constitutional duties like soldiers as well.

It took the intervention of a senior army officer, to avert a major crisis.

The officer ordered that the army should allow those with their PVCs to pass.

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