Three Verity Of Foods You Must Try When Visiting Ghana!

Ghana is a country in West Africa, filled with rich culture and amazingly friendly people. It is no wonder it was listed among the top countries to visit in 2019, by cable news giant CNN.

Ghana has the best of everything you need to have in an amazing holiday. However, one particular part of Ghana, that will leave you asking for more is the food. As a multicultural country the types of foods are endless. Amongst these verities, there are 3 in particular that stand out and you must certainly try them whenever you visit Ghana.

At the very top of the list of yummiest Ghanaian foods is Jollof. Even though the meal is not originally from Ghana being of Senegalese origin, Ghana Jollof is often times referred to as the best Jollof in all of Africa! It’s basically a pot rice dish with a huge amount of flavour. Whether it’s the ingredients, recipe or amount of love put into making Ghana Jollof we don’t know. All we know is that it will make you want to visit again and again!

In many countries the meal rice and beans is popular, but if you try Ghanaian waakye you will understand that there are foods and there are foods! Waakye is a rice dish mixed with beans and often eaten with stew, a hot sauce called Shitor in Ghana and a wide range of accompaniments. This meal is very high in protein and very delicious. Waakye can be bought all over the country, but the demand for it is always so high that by noon most places will be sold out!

Not a fan of rice? Then this last Ghanaian food will knock you off your feet. This last meal is mostly for people who love spicy food. Say hello to Kenkey and fish. Sold at practically every corner of the south especially Accra, Ghana’s capital, is a meal that’s well known in Ghana to give you a good fill.

Kenkey is a corn based ball looking meal eaten with fried or grilled fish, hot ground pepper, and hot spicy Shitor. This hot meal is one you must certainly try. The next time you are in Ghana explore these three amazing foods and you will certainly not regret it!

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