The Growth Of The Natural Hair Movement In Africa

African women have been blessed with beautiful healthy hair, but for many years after colonization of the African continent, it became the popular trend to have African curly hair straightened.

It started with hot combs and later progressed to relaxers, which are pasty substances with chemicals that break down the curly structure of the natural African hair. These processes then produces a permed style of hair, which has been popular for many years. But in recent times, a large number of African women are returning to their natural hair and choosing to grow their hair, with absolutely no chemicals.

Chimmanda Adiche, One of Africa’s biggest literary icon is part of this movement, and she makes this bold statement at world forums, by her stand out natural hair looks.

The new test of naturalistas as as they are popularly called, love to keep their hair coily and curly making a very bold statement.

Going natural isn’t just the natural way to have ones hair, it is in most cases cheaper to manage as opposed to buying wigs, relaxers and other products that come with it, which tend to be rather expensive.

This has made the natural hair movement even more popular in the African continent! Many people believed it was just a trend but looking at how big it is growing, we now know, the natural hair trend, is here to stay.

Africa has in the past few years, seen a lower demand for hair relaxers and chemicals and a higher demand for natural hair products, specifically for African hair on the continent and in the diaspora. Even top global hair brands have had to include some of these products into their range, to keep up with the trend.

The biggest beneficiaries of this boom are the small businesses that saw the need for these products, and created exactly what natural hair women wanted. All over Africa today, the natural hair brands have increased exponentially.

This new natural hair movement is here to stay and it is, the perfect gift to Africa as it both beautifies and makes money, and gives African women a sense of identity too!

Let us know what you think about this Trend: In our next edition we will be looking at the impacts of artificial long hair on African women.

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