Fake Baby Products in Africa And How To Spot Them

The baby industry is one of the biggest around the world. Many babies are born every hour and all these delicate souls have tons of needs. From clothing to consumables, the average mother spends thousands on baby care products before their first birthday!

This lucrative industry, like every other multimillion industry is plagued by dubious people producing and selling fake
products. Some sellers don’t even know that their stock is fake. To make sure you don’t fall for these fake products trap, follow these 3 steps.

Buy from credible outlets/ shops.

It’s always best to buy products from the manufacturers, if they have a retail store or from stores
recommended by the manufacturer.

Big box retail stores with a good reputation are also good places to buy from. Whenever you go to a store that looks dinghy, try not to buy from there. If the store owner is willing to show you receipts from their purchase from a legitimate store you can go for it. Also look out for the price. If it’s cheaper than the manufacturer sells it, that’s a red flag!

Always buy the newest version.

It usually takes some time for copycats to duplicate a product. Based on how complex the
product is, the fake version may not be produced and circulated that quickly, so you are better off buying the newest version of any product you want. This gives you some kind of
protection. Carefully inspect product and packaging

A lot of premium baby products come in high quality, fancy packaging. If the product is a regular OPP bag that is a red flag. For well packaged products read the labels and boxes very carefully.

A lot of fake products are made in China and because most Chinese cannot speak English, there may be several grammatical and spelling errors. Look out for these, as well as anything at all that looks suspicious. Babies are delicate and precious so let’s all be on the lookout and make sure we get them what’s best for them.

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