1. The growth of Ecommerce in Africa

The e-commerce industry has taken Africa by storm. Africa’s high rate of mobile phone growth has exposed so many people to the internet. Anyone can buy practically anything from a pair of earrings to a 52 inch television using a smartphone or tablet. The number of online stores and marketplaces in Africa has grown exponentially in the past couple of years.

Even though very few marketplace cater to real trade in different countries they are slowly moving in that direction. Majority of Africa’s ecommerce sales come from online marketplaces like Jumia, Konga, and Bid or buy.

Shopping has never been easier as these sites handle logistics as well. Of all these
sites the biggest is Jumia. Operating in eleven countries like Ghana, Nigeria and Kenya the
Jumia Group of companies has really proved itself worthy of the title, ‘most popular shopping site in Africa’. It has some of the fastest delivery times, big fulfilment houses and excellent return policies. Jumia Group, which was founded in 2012 by the Berlin-based company Rocket Internet, has more than three thousand employees.

The growth of a busy middle class and the easy access to smartphones have been two of the
the biggest factors in the industry’s success. Many people who go to work from 9 to 5 do not
have the time to go to traditional markets anymore and hence prefer to shop online. Mobile devices are also extremely popular in Africa now with a lot of countries like Kenya and Nigeria using mobile phone payments facilities.

With the high rate of unemployment in some countries many people have taken to entrepreneurship. They either buy or manufacture products to sell online. With an increased number of sellers prices are kept competitive and a wide variety of products are offered to buyers. In a nutshell the growth of Africa’s ecommerce industry is rising at a steady pace because the demand keeps increasing. There is no doubt the industry will see exponential growth year by year.

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