How To Keep Clothing Interesting At Work

So many times, people in corporate institutions feel like the only colours they can wear that looks acceptable and professional is black and white. As much as black and white suit, or bottom and shirt works perfectly well it’s not a crime at all to put in some colour in your outfit.

These are 3 ways to make your office wardrobe fun without getting a call from HR! Choose other dark colours, among the most popular corporate clothing colours are grey, navy and brown.

To play it safe keep to rather dark shades of these colours, and always make sure your shoes, belts and bags are darker than your clothes. Bright coloured accessories tend to look very loud and distracting.
A nice grey suit can make so much of a difference and same goes with navy blue. With the right combination, brown also works magic.

Opt for interesting accessories

You can look good at work with accessories that are unique and stylish. We are not talking about big dangling hoop earrings, though. Studs are fine but to give it a nice twist wear very unique and interesting studs. Pearls are a big favourite. Remember to keep the sizes of your
accessories at a reasonable level.

Try different colour combinations. It is a known fact that white matches with every colour, but wearing it all the time eventually becomes predictable and boring. Why not pair some nice navy blue trousers with a grey shirt?
Some combinations will undoubtedly look silly or disgusting, but don’t let it stop you from finding one that looks fabulous! Look for complimenting colours and wear them together.

Different shades or fabric textures of the same colour works fine too. Remember that just because you are at work doesn’t mean you can’t look good.

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