In Every Part Of Nigeria, Igbo’s Have Suffered Unending Threats

Following the just concluded presidential elections in Nigeria, which the oppositions have rejected the results as announced by the INEC. Our attention at have been drawn to the threats that is being projected to befall the Igbo’s in Lagos. Igbo’s are one of the three major tribes in the country and they occupy the southeastern part of the Nigeria. They are nomadic by nature, they are largely known for their business acumen, also, their resilience and quest success and survive regardless of geographical location is not questionable.

The threat as alleged is emanating from one political godfather and a chieftain of APC, in Lagos state. The threat appeared to be insunuating that, if they (the igbo’s) don’t do as they are told, which is that, they ( the igbo’s) “must vote for the candidates of the APC, failure to do so would mean that their safety and that of their businesses in Lagos state will no longer be guaranteed”.

WakeUpAfrica360, have gathered on the ground evidences of deliberate plots, which was exhibited during the elections to stop the Igbo’s from voting, as it is believed that the Igbo’s would not vote for the incumbent and the dominant political party of the southwest

As such, threats have been flying from left right and centre, against none supporters of the incumbent.

We also gathered from our sources in Nigeria that during the just concluded presidential elections in Nigeria. In the northern part of the country, names of none indigenous people were removed from INEC register that were posted at areas dominated by the igbo’s. Even though the voting card readers could identify their (igbo’s) voters cards as registered at the said polling unites there names could not be found in the INEC register.

According to our sources, it appeared that these were a deliberate plot to stop igbo’s from voting in their diverse locations around the country!!

Threats to their lives, businesses and properties.

Some of the videos made available to us showed some of these disenfranchised igbos venting their frustration about the election of 23 Feb 2019. The amount of videos made available to as evidences of election malpractice is danming. The amount of force that was used against the igbo’s to stop them from casting their votes was out of this world.

It’s now a trend in Nigeria for anyone to use the success of the igbo’s and their vercitility to threaten them, according to the evidence made available to us. In October of 2017 a group in the north (AREWA YOUTHS) also threatened to burn down businesses owned by the igbo’s in the north

As bad as this trend may seem, the reality however is that the Igbo’s have come to stay in Lagos, and any attempt to further marginalise or distort and frustrate them, may not be the best for what is left of Nigeria.

To be continuatuned lookout for part 2.

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