Power Of Habits: Why Your Daily Habits Will Determine Your Level Of Success

Following Cristiano Ronaldo’s extraordinary performance against Atletico Madrid in the UEFA Champions League last night, WakeUpAfrica360 takes a look at how the Juventus star reached this height of success. One of the best ways to shape the future is by deciding on your habits today. Habits are so powerful in our lives, yet many do not fully understand the power of habits. Here are four reasons why your daily habits will determine your level of success.

  • What You Do Daily Is Deciding What You Are Becoming Permanently.

How to determine who you shall likely become tomorrow is by looking at your habits today. The same way becoming the best athlete in the world 10 years from now, will demand that you commit to doing certain things today, whatever you want to become permanently must begin today. For example, if you spend your time writing every day, there is a greater chance you would become a prolific writer in some few years. During a recent interview with Juve TV, Cristiano Ronaldo admitted that he trains an extra three hours every week by simply practicing how to take free-kicks. It is not surprising he is such an excellent free kick taker.

  • Nothing Will Ever Dominate Life Unless It Happens Daily.

This particularprinciple has been mastered by many advertising companies. Most advertisingcompanies literally bombard the airwaves with their advertisements. These firmsunderstand the principle that the more you hear it, the more it registers withyour subconscious, and the greater chance that you shall pick their products atthe supermarket. To dominate in any chosen field of endeavor, you must applyyourself to daily practice and cultivate that habit. Usain Bolt disclosed thathe had to constantly flood his mind with the possibility that he could become aworld champion until it got to a time where he could think of no other thingother than becoming a world champion.

  • What You Keep LookingAt Is Deciding Where You Will Go.

If you do notlike where you are today, then change what you keep looking at today. Thethings you flood your mind with every day will ultimately decide the directionyou go. If all you think about is how you cannot accomplish anything, then byall means you shall spend your time not accomplishing much. That is why it isimportant to surround yourself constantly with pictures of where you reallywant to go in life. Think about it every day, flood your mind with suchthoughts and ultimately it shall become your reality.

  • You Can Change AFailure Routine Into A Success

The trick about habits is that you can re-program your failure into success any time you are ready. A routine, which leads you to failure can be transformed through another routine that leads to success. For example; If you want to become an excellent pianist, then by all means you cannot spend all your time on the football field. How to become a great pianist is by spending regular time with the piano. In an interview Ronaldo granted BBC, which was aired on television recently, he disclosed that the only time he is not doing anything related to football is when he is asleep but even with that, he dreams about the game. It may take several years but, the truth about habits is that it never disappoints. You will reap whatever you practice daily.

By Gideon Sarpong | WakeUp360Africa

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